The Big Question: What is your unique USP?

This month we’re asking retailers, as an independent, what is your unique USP as to the reason that customers should come to you and not the ‘big boys’?

Vic Smith – Vic Smith Beds

We don’t have one USP – we have shedloads. But to keep it short and to the point, and without helping the ‘big boys’, the level of our staff training is far superior and in depth. We are not tied to any brands; we are a family run business. Our delivery staff are valued and work alongside our sales staff as a team. We regularly have team events and from the newest member of staff to the most senior, everyone is on the same level. Team work shows through to the customer from the store to their bedroom. 

Grant Berry – Home World

In a word “flexibility”. There are no barriers to sales and no hands tied. Get the sale and keep the customer happy. It’s all about being flexible, while offering a personal touch, which goes a long way.

Barry Rickhuss – MattressNextDay

With exclusive deals and sales pressure from big-name partners, some chains end up steering customers to a narrow set of options. As an independent retailer, we take a different approach and our priority is our customers and their sleep needs. We carry an unmatched, wide selection of brands and models to cover every price point and personal requirement. We’re also small enough to be able to offer a personal service to understand the needs of each customer if they need it and guide them to their ideal mattress – with no upselling pressure.

Martin Lukehurst – Lukehurst

Lukehurst is a third-generation family business, with founder Gerald Lukehurst the founder involved in furniture retailing in Medway and Swale in Kent since 1947. Customers trust a long-established family business, which is now being run by Gerald’s granddaughter Kathryn. What does Lukehurst deliver over its larger competitors? It has a great reputation for quality products at competitive prices, together with a first-class customer experience when making their purchase, which is then delivered by friendly professional staff, backed up with dedicated customer service whenever the need arises. Customers are made to feel personal to Lukehurst, not just a statistic, finding the experience at Lukehurst a great pleasure from start to finish.

John Rayment – Sussex Beds

Sussex Beds is a true family run business that has been going for 41 years, we believe our USP to be “Quality Sleep – Never Compromise”. All of our products are thoroughly researched, designed, professionally crafted and tested to give you a night of Quality Sleep. You should be spending a third of your life in bed. Our aim is to ensure this is quality time. At Sussex Beds quality is guaranteed. It is who we are, it is what we do, our products, our service and our culture.

Joseph Shenton – Joseph James Furniture Outlet LLP

We like to say we are the ’TK Maxx of Furniture’. We don’t want to compete with the ‘big boys’. We exist and continue to grow because of them. If you want the same sofas at a discounted price, and delivered for free within a week – shop with us.

Louis Kerry – Mattressman

We love that as Britain’s biggest mattress specialist we can offer our customers a much quicker delivery service on a far wider range of products than the bigger boys and the little boys too.

Steve Adams – Mattress Online

Our USP at Mattress Online is that our staff are trained to talk to the customer about their sleep needs first and foremost, we actively seek to connect a product to a problem. Through our help and advice pages supported by our in-house Sleep Expert, The Sleep Geek, we put the importance of sleep at the base of any customer journey.

Mike Murray – Land of Beds

Customers choose our business for the perfect blend of modern technology and nearly 50 years of retail expertise. Our advanced e-commerce platform ensures a smooth shopping experience, but what truly sets us apart is our personal touch. Our mission has always been to help people sleep better. Our friendly staff provides free advice, expert knowledge, and genuine passion, prioritising customer satisfaction. With strength in working with top bed brands and a family-oriented approach, we offer top-quality products, guarantees, and recommendations. We’re recognised as a National Bed Federation (NBF) retail champion for our commitment to good business practices and exceptional service. As a family-oriented team, we offer a unique, personalised bed-buying experience, differentiating us from larger competitors. At Land of Beds, customers are friends, and we support each other throughout the entire process. Our success lies in repeat customers, a testament to the enduring relationships we build.

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