The Big Question: Sustainability?

This month we’re asking retailers: What’s your next sustainability-focussed target?

Home World – Mattress & Bed Centres

We do try to help sustainability the best we can, it normally comes hand in hand with making more profit we have found, our targets are;

  • We help our customers by taking away their old mattress etc & recycle them.
  • We have a recycle bin for paper & carboard
  • We also recycle any metal be have that is no use. It’s strange but this does crop up e.g.’s old fixtures & fittings, old plant & old customer metal bedframes.
  • We have an electric vehicle on order, we will see how that goes….
  • We generally recycle point of sale & anything else we can

Mattress Online

As well as always focusing on improving the take up on our mattress recycling offer, we are also increasing our listing of new mattresses that have considered the end-of-life process to facilitate easier dismantling with materials and components that can be recycled into the circular economy.

Style Furniture and Relax Sofas and Beds

We give our customers the option to let us dispose of their old furniture when we deliver their new products. Any items we collect are uplifted by a waste disposal company who we pay to separate fully recyclable items. All our cardboard waste is collected and recycled too.

Land of Beds

Land of Beds & The Furniture Recycling Group (TFRGroup) have partnered to promote sustainability through our mattress rejuvenation initiative. When comfort guarantee mattresses are returned to Land of Beds, they are sent to TFRGroup who complete a robust quality assurance process and sanitise the mattresses to NHS standards. This means the returned mattresses are able to be re-used and, ultimately, gives them a ‘second life.’ This collaboration is part of our wider plan to expand our recycling programmes and enhance our product lifecycle management to ensure that every item we sell can be either reused or recycled.

Feather & Black

Like many brands, we too are committed to becoming a more sustainable business. As part of the wider Dreams Group, in 2023 we achieved eight consecutive years of sending no waste to landfill and recycled 83% of all our plastic packaging, but we know there is more we can do. In 2024 and beyond we will continue to make inroads with our partners to do the right thing for our planet, our customers, and our colleagues.

Arighi Bianchi

We always try to group deliveries together and create the most effective route… a perk of having our own delivery team. Choosing the most efficient route will cut down on transport emissions, which is exactly what we want. Our delivery team also send all packaging back to CABs (our services department) to be reused on other furniture. And any old furniture removed from a customer’s home is brought back and donated to different charities where it can be loved again. Our aim for the future is to progress to the use of an electric fleet of vans when delivering locally.


JYSK is scrapping top plastic on its pallets as part of our ongoing sustainability efforts. The change has already been made at most of JYSK’s distribution centres, and a smart replacement has been found, which will save around 920,000 kilograms of plastic annually. It’s a step towards a more sustainable future for JYSK. Until now, we have put top plastic on all the pallets, but thanks to optimisation, it’s no longer needed that often. So, we’ve come up with a reusable cover for stores who may need it.

Linthorpe Beds

“One significant initiative we’ve undertaken is the introduction of sustainable mattress ranges in our stores. Brands like Silentnight’s Plant Natural range and Harrison Spinks exemplify our commitment to offering products that prioritise both comfort and environmental consciousness. These mattresses are crafted with eco-friendly materials, ensuring a restful night’s sleep without compromising the health of our planet.”


We believe that true sustainability goes beyond just environmental initiatives – sustainability should also encompass a commitment to positively impact society. With this view, our next sustainability goal, running alongside our ongoing targets of recycling 100,000 mattresses and planting 500,000 trees by 2025, is to broaden our efforts, introducing new initiatives that not only prevent mattresses from ending up in landfills, but also address wider social issues at the same time. We have a new, exciting initiative in development that we can’t wait to share more about soon, and we’re certain this project will help us to create long-term value for both the environment and for society.

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