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Bilkis Patel, Director at beds and mattress manufacturer Vogue Beds, talks about the evolution of its wooden bedframes offer.

Over the last few years Vogue Beds has been busy expanding its product offer, with the move into bedframes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Vogue took the opportunity to design and develop their own upholstered bedframes at its factory in Barwell, just outside of Leicester. Since moving into this product category, Vogue has seen success, prompting the business to expand even further.

“We began looking into the market for bedframes a few years ago, during Covid and lock down, and we began to design and develop our own upholstered bedframes. Due to the success of this product we began to explore other options to extend our range for bedframes,” Bilkis said. “After doing some market research, we found there was a high demand for wooden frames, so we decided we needed to be part of this growing trend, and that’s how the idea of Vogue Imports was born.”

With a history dating back to 1990, Vogue Beds has become a staple within the mattress industry. Taking its innovative approach further, this is their first foray into importing bedframes, with the company partnering with a well-established business in Malaysia. “This is our first venture into importing bedframes and we are working with a great company we have known for over a decade in Malaysia,” Bilkis said.

“We looked at the trends of wooden bedframes and after extensive research we introduced our first imported bedframe last year at the January Furniture Show. During this product launch, we received positive feedback from our customers due to the fact the headend boards could be customised in our 25 fabrics, so customers could customise the final finish, adding extra flexibility.”

This success has continued with the recent showing at the Minerva Spring Furniture & Bed Show. Vogue displayed the new imported bedframes and fabric upholstered bedframes, alongside its exclusive Eco Sleep collection for Minerva members, and its unique Helix Pocket spring Collection. Also on show was its new wooden bedframes along with its 100% Vegan mattress, which is approved by the Vegan Society. “The show was great for us and was another opportunity to display the new bedframes alongside our other products and developments,” Bilkis said.

Onto the products themselves, the new imported bedframes include the VB-030 and VB-020.


This elegant wooden upholstered bedframe, with its minimalistic design, creates a luxurious look with its fully upholstered headboard taking centre stage in any bedroom. The upholstered headend is available in 25 fabric options and is also available in an oak or walnut finish. Solid rubber wood with finger joint lamination with a wooden slatted base with middle support.

VB – 020

The shaker design in a painted finish is perfect for the lighter room, the simple detail of this model with its soft colours allows to blend other accessories to the room. Solid pine available in white or dove grey, with a wooden slatted base with middle support.

As mentioned, Vogue are predominantly known for manufacturing mattresses, but, as Bilkis says, they are “opportunists”, and when the opportunity to expand into new terrain, it was something that couldn’t be ignored. “We wanted to introduce imported frames and, like everything else we release, we wanted to add a twist and make it ‘Vogue’, which is how the idea of upholstered headend boards came about – making our wooden bedframes unique.

“Predominantly, we are a manufacturer of mattresses, but we are also opportunists, and this is great opportunity to target a new audience while adding our own profile of products. These frames are a fantastic addition to our current range that we already offer to customers, who can continue to buy our mattresses, while having the option to purchase headboards, divans, and bedframes from us too. Like always, we are striving to be a ‘one stop shop’ and give our customer base what they want.”

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