Swedish manufacturer launches re-engineered bed

Swedish bed and furniture manufacturer DUXIANA has announced the launch of its latest version of its DUX Bed.

Their new collection, Sustainable Comfort, is their fully re-engineered most advanced customisable and replaceable component bed, that continues to provide the unique DUX spring system that combined with the finest natural materials and handcrafted attention to detail, delivers unrivalled comfort and longevity.

Sustainable Comfort will be unveiled at the Elle Décor Italia exhibition in Milan on the 14thApril 2024, with the full collection being showcased at 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen from the 12th June 2024 ahead of the global retail launch.

“Our history began in 1926 when our founder, Efraim Ljung, developed a unique spring system and product he called The DUX Bed,” the company said. “Since our launch we have had several significant milestones, from creating the framed mattress, which saw the introduction of an internal wooden frame added to the conventional mattress, to the invention of the removable Top Pad, both of which we so commonly see in the bedding industry today.

“A further creation being Pascal, our unique adjustable support system that allows customisation of the bed to an individuals’ needs in not only weight and height, but in shoulder width, hip density and musculature, which provides an unrivalled level of both support and comfort.

“Away from product development was the launch of our second brand, DUXIANA, which saw us pioneering a luxury retail concept to showcase The DUX Bed. This has since grown to over 80 stores across 35 countries, which also saw us instigate the use of sales tools such as the bed cut through, and the now recognisable use of a person lying on a bed in graphics to demonstrate the support of the products; both of which you see adopted by almost every bed brand today.

“In continuing with a pioneering mindset, we announce yet another first with our new collection, Sustainable Comfort, a truly unique advanced component, and customisable sleep system.

“This launch is the result of almost three years in development in a project that has seen us review each and every element and material used within our beds and mattresses. The reason we embarked on the journey to create this new collection was based on our observations of consumer desires, market trends, and our own passion for both evolving and the environment.

“We are proud to say that our handcrafted approach and premium materials have long since been the essence and very core of our products, from the slow grown pine from the deep Swedish forests to the finest produced steel wire have been central for achieving our esteemed DUX comfort. Our new Sustainable Comfort collection is where we take it even further, we have removed all non-essential man-made materials. Furthermore, we have improved the high-quality wool and cotton, together with the natural latex that provides that familiar DUX comfort, ensuring that we are utilising the most natural materials possible.

“The new collection is our most advanced and customisable DUX bed to date but continues to offer the ability, like no other, to unzip the mattress to see within. This now also allows you to replace three key components to both adjust and maintain the support and comfort. These three components being our… Removable Top Pad – Inner Comfort Layer –Customisable Pascal system.

“The name Sustainable Comfort was chosen for two literal meanings… Firstly, by utilising the ability to exchange the three replaceable components, the user can sustain the comfort of the product throughout its life. Secondly, in an era of false environmental claims, we can proudly say that our component-based products both reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and use as many sustainable materials as possible.

“The final impact this new collection delivers is in the aesthetics, the design can be described as true Scandinavian, modern yet classic and the new colour is what can only be described as the essence of the Scandinavian hue itself…the combination of light sand and warm oatmeal provides the perfect neutral tone that adapts to its surroundings.”

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