Specialist furniture maker invests in new machinery

Specialist furniture manufacturer Tough Furniture has announced the investment of new machinery to help bolster efficiency processes.

Tough Furniture, based in Craven Arms, Shropshire, has invested in a new Biesse ‘Stream A Smart’ edgebander with the added option of a high-speed single-motor corner rounding unit.

This was only the second machine with this corner rounding unit to be sold into the UK, and the first one sold from Biesse’s UK showroom.

The machinery is to replace Tough Furniture’s existing edgebander, which is now 18-years-old and reaching the end of its working life, causing the company breakdown and repair issues.

Tough Furniture, which manufactures furniture for environments such as NHS mental health wards, private mental health care groups and SEN schools, said the new machinery is “much more accurate” with finishing, which will help increase production efficiencies.

“It allows for a much tighter bonding of the edging tape to the board, so the joints are fainter and less pronounced, which is important in the market we work in, from both an aesthetic point of view and a safety point of view,” the business said.

“The new edgebanding machine is helping us to minimise downtime and increase efficiency. We now have increased flexibility to handle the production of the wide variety of furniture items we’re asked to produce, and can also maintain a long-standing goal of continuous improvement in the safety and aesthetics of our products.”

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