Sofology launches new TV advert with Helena Bonham-Carter

The Corner London has launched an all new campaign ‘Nothing Feels Like’ for sofa retailer Sofology.

The work is the second campaign from the brand that stars Helena Bonham-Carter and the first from The Corner, following their pitch win back in April 2022.

With the current economic climate meaning that consumers are spending more time at home, the campaign looks to accentuate the unbeatable feeling of a Sofology sofa – better quality, better design and better value.

The tone of the work is a shift for the brand and aims to position Sofology as more accessible, whilst retaining its aspirational credentials.

The TV and press feature Helena in an upside down world; she arrives home with everything the wrong way up – including her dog! As she moves through her hallway and into the living room, we see that the only thing that is the right way up is her Sofology sofa in the center of the room. As she admires the sofa, falling backwards over it, we see everything from her point of view – finally the right way up and how it should be, showing that nothing feels like coming home to a sofa you love.

The wider campaign assets explore more emotive sofa moments we can all relate to. The work will be kicking off initially with TV, VOD, press, social, digital and in-store activity.

Sebastian Brown, Director of Creative at Sofology said: “We wanted this campaign to really focus on magnifying what it feels to ‘feel at home on a sofa you love’ and that incredible bliss when your sofa is the best place in the world. This campaign is a beautiful continuation with Helena Bonham Carter, whilst retaining a quirky sense of humour. The TV ad spearheads the Nothing Feels Like campaign, and lays a strong brand communication platform through the customer journey. The whole process is a great example of how in-house creative has successfully collaborated with the agency world.”

Tom Ewart, Chief Creative Officer and Founding Partner, The Corner said: “How does a Sofology sofa feel? I’m not talking literally; velvet, leather, chenille.. but emotionally. That feeling when you flop down after a hard day’s work and everything feels just right again. The world is as it should be.That’s what we wanted to capture in this campaign. Thanks to Cole Porter and Jonny Desmond for the perfect song.

Helena Bonham-Carter said: “I loved the central idea that I live in an upside down house. It’s straight out of Alice in Wonderland which is one of my all time favourite books and I try to inject a bit of it into my daily life. It also strikes me as emotionally true: the world can confuse and discombobulate you but when you get home and get a chance to lie down on your sofa then suddenly everything can feel the right way up again.”

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