Sofa retailer agrees multi-year digital platform deal to improve online shopping journey

Digital platform Namogoo has announced a new partnership with sofa retailer DFS Furniture.

DFS trialled Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention software and generated a 6.8% uplift in conversion rate and millions of pounds in annualised rescued transactions. DFS then utilised AWS Marketplace to partner with Namogoo on a multi-year contract.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalogue that includes thousands of software, data, training and professional services listings from third-party vendors and makes it easy for organisations to find, test, buy, and deploy solutions that run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amid the pandemic and increase in online shopping, DFS’ online traffic tripled over two years, with 60% of its website users visiting the site from their mobile devices. A challenge facing many retailers is the rise in session hijacking, where third party ads are displayed on the website and disrupt the customer journey. One in five DFS customers were being distracted by these interruptions, especially during checkout.

“A major challenge for any retailer is abandonment at checkout, and the current industry-wide abandonment typically exceeds 80%. As DFS has a high order value in comparison to most other retailers, it was imperative for us to remove this unauthorised content and ensure that the customer journey remained as smooth and convenient as possible” said Chemi Katz, CEO and founder of Namogoo.

“In the trial, we were able to quantify how much of that checkout abandonment was caused by unwanted ads that disrupt the customer journey, in addition to harming brand integrity. In just 30 days, Customer Hijacking Prevention proved its incredible value, removing thousands of unauthorised ads and generating a return of nearly 50x on DFS’ investment.”

As part of the AWS Partner Network, Namogoo’s products are easy to implement for retailers who utilise AWS Marketplace. This relationship creates an important channel for Namogoo to work with retailers, like DFS, enabling Marketplace customers to form an easy way to implement Namogoo’s solution quickly and as part of their existing Enterprise Discount Programme.

“Utilising rigorous A/B testing, Namogoo came in and helped us to address the challenge of unwanted ads disrupting our online customers’ journey,  allowing us to rescue transactions and increase conversion rates,” said James Vernon, Head of Digital at DFS Furniture. “Namogoo came out of the 30-day trial as our preferred provider with strong results, demonstrating its expertise in customer hijacking prevention”

“For large retailers considering technology deployment, there is typically a significant amount of red tape to navigate, but these companies can leverage solutions via AWS Marketplace to experiment, integrate and deliver differentiated customer offerings in a much more streamlined process,” said Tom Litchford, Head of Worldwide Retail at AWS.

“We have found Namogoo to be a valuable member of the marketplace, providing their innovative solutions to AWS customers.”

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