Sofa in a box brand shares insight behind new bed launch; Panther partnership

Sofa in a box brand Swyft has announced the launch of its first beds and mattresses collection as well as renewing its partnership with Panther Logistics.

Swyft has expanded its product from with the launch of two new beds, Bed 01 and Bed 02, which are as easy to assemble as Swyft’s previous sofa collections.

Commenting on the beds, Swyft said: “Keeping our core principles protected was one of the most important factors when creating the Swyft beds. We were really keen to use what we’d learnt from our experience designing our much-loved sofas, and apply this to beds that not only look amazing but also take away the usual outdated headaches of bed buying and assembling.

“In terms of design, we wanted a couple of options that would appeal to not only existing customers but new ones too. For this reason, we designed our Bed 01 in a more classic look with pulled-button detailing on the headboard – a simple and timeless design which is a nod to the aesthetic of our sofas (especially Model 02).

“When it came to designing Bed 02, we looked to create a hotel-inspired winged headboard which is a bit more contemporary – almost mid-century modern. This one really encapsulates that wow factor that we’ve delivered so well with our sofas in the past.”

Bed 01 is made up of a birch plywood frame, with a lower profile and rubber-coated feet. Bed 02 sits on a solid ash wood plinth with taller feet, much like its Model 02 sofa.

In terms of fabrics, Swyft added: “We wanted to be able to keep a few customer favourites in there such as Vine, Teal, Charcoal and Mustard velvets, whilst also bringing something new to the table with the introduction of Midnight, Natural and Stone linens.

“Our upholstery team over in Porto have worked closely with us through the development phases to make sure we could launch Bed 01 and Bed 02 in 7 different shades, across a choice of linen and velvet fabrics. There really is something for everyone with these designs and we’re really looking forward to seeing them in customers’ homes.”

The team has also designed a system called Swyft-fix, enabling an easy install for consumers.

“We wanted to keep the same concept of no-tool assembly that’s so well-loved with our sofas, so the fact we’ve been able to replicate this on the beds is really exciting.

“Previously, our sofas have featured various hook and lock mechanisms, like the Swyft-lok and Swyft hooks. For the beds, we’ve designed a system called Swyft-fix. This version features an easy slide-in panel mechanism, made up of reinforced materials that are durable and strong.

“The result is a bed that’s super easy to put together, and also to take apart when moving house. With this design, we’ve eliminated the traditional way of assembling and disassembling beds which usually involves a lot of hardware, tools and time.”

The company has also launched two new mattresses, which are available in two fillings – memory foam and hybrid. Both mattresses come with fabric side handles for easy moving and a washable cover that simply zips on and off. The Hybrid model features 2,000 micro springs.

Swyft added that it plans to launch some smaller furniture items, as well as continuing to expand this particular new bedroom category, in the future.

Meanwhile, the brand has once again teamed up with two-person delivery service provider Panther Logistics to provide delivery for its ever-growing customer base.

With a strong reputation as the UK’s leading force in two-person delivery, Panther is well placed to accommodate the needs of Swyft Home and its customers as the sofa manufacturer’s market presence continues to grow.

Samuel Scott, Panther’s Head of Sales & Marketing commented: “Through Swyft Home’s ability to provide a unique solution the company has grown exponentially developing a strong brand presence within the home furnishings marketplace. It is a tremendous success story and we are delighted to be supporting them as they continue their upward trajectory.”

Keiran Hewkin, Swyft co-founder, added: “The home furnishings market is fiercely competitive with quality and service being an absolute must. Our choice of delivery partner is vital as the last-mile service is an extension of our own business in many ways.

“Panther’s customer-centric approach sets the company aside from the competition and is one which resonates with our own aim of ensuring customer satisfaction. By using Panther, we are confident that we can provide our customers with a level of service and flexibility synonymous with our own further reinforcing our own reputation in the marketplace for delivering a quality product which surpasses all others.”

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