Sofa Connections at MFS

Husband and wife team, Matt and Sarah Oakley, owners of furniture manufacturer Sofa Connections, preview what to expect to see during the Manchester Furniture Show.

West Midlands-based family run furniture manufacturer, Sofa Connections, has been busy preparing for the Manchester Furniture Show (MFS). With this month’s showcase taking place from 10 -11 July at Manchester Central, the team are looking to build on its momentum and predict that a “successful show” awaits.

“Here at Sofa Connections, we’re gearing up to introduce ourselves to the retail market at Manchester Furniture Show,” says Sarah Oakley. “MFS is an exciting opportunity for the company, as we’ve really tried to showcase our products and put across our vision.”

As part of the new ranges being unveiled at the show, Sofa Connections has been working with a local interior designer, Natasha Westwood at Otus Interior Design, who has been consulting on fabric choices and stand design, while keeping in line with the business’ ethos of shopping locally where possible.

Reflecting on her experience partnering with Sofa Connections, Natasha commented: “Sofa Connections have a really lovely product and it’s been super fun working with Matt and Sarah to create something special for their stand. I’m sure any retailer or designer will love their products.”

Sarah added: “We always aim to support local small independent businesses where possible and hope that our ranges will have something to offer every retailer. Supporting Independent retailers is a real focus for us.

“We aim to help retailers be their own brand. Using a library of fabrics, retailers can develop their own ranges and therefore be more competitive without prices being matched elsewhere. We can help retailers develop a set of bespoke fabric choices and really make their mark with how they wish to sell their fabrics.”

Sofa Connections also have their own range of house fabric swatches, plus a range of printed fabrics to accent making pricing simpler for those who want a standard product with a great selection of fabrics. “We’ve spent lots of time putting together a lovely mix of fabrics which we know our customers will love,” said Matt Oakley, who has been designing furniture since he was just 18 years old.  

“I’ve got a good feeling that MFS is going to be a real success for us. We are showcasing two brand new ranges which aren’t yet available online, including a fixed seat model called ‘The Hagley’, bringing a sleek new design to the already vast offering.

“The two new designs being shown at MFS are real statement pieces, one being a very classic traditional model, the ‘Blakedown’, the other a very modern sleek piece, so we are confident there will be something for everyone. These models have been visions for many years, so to see them come to life is really special.”

Joining Matt and Sarah at MFS are their two sales agents, Colin Boyce and Gary Birch. “The whole team can’t wait to meet you and show you what we’re all about,” Sarah added. “We are looking for some great working relationships, where both retailers and manufacturer are in tune. If you wish to get any information prior to the show or to make an appointment to visit please contact the team at”

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