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Social media buying habits growing, says NBF

The latest consumer survey by the National Bed Federation (NBF) has revealed that bed buyers are increasingly relying on social media for their pre-purchase research.

The Consumer Research, undertaken in October, found that across all age groups, social media was used by 18% – a big leap from only 7% in the previous survey in 2021. However, 28% of the 16 – 34-year-olds reported using it as part of their research prior to purchase.

Almost half of the respondents used the internet for research, with two thirds of them visiting 2-3 websites and a fifth visiting 4-5 websites. The top five most popular websites visited (in order) were Dreams, Amazon, Argos, Bensons for Beds and Emma.

When it came to mattress replacement, around 80% were being replaced in less than ten years and around 40% were being replaced in less than five years, with the average replacement cycle being 6.5 years.

The mean price paid for the bed/mattress was £554 which was considerably lower than the previous £613 from October 2021. Although almost 80% of respondents paid up to £799, a sobering 45% paid less than £400.

Simon Williams, the NBF’s head of marketing and membership, said: “Whilst visiting websites and physical stores are still the most popular way of researching what’s available, there is clear evidence that social media channels are having greater influence than they did only a year ago – particularly amongst the under 35s. If you want your brand to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, you really need to build a carefully planned social media presence.”

The full report is available to NBF members only and can be accessed via

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