So-fa so-good for wholesale business

Ahmed, Managing Director of Ahmed and Partners Ltd, details the success of its Woodvale recliner range.

Furniture wholesale business Ahmed and Partners has seen recent success with its Woodvale recliner sofa range. The company has experienced high demand, prompting an acceleration of distribution, both here in the UK and in Ireland.

“The Woodvale recliner sofa sets have been a really big success for us,” reveals Ahmed, Managing Director of Ahmed and Partners Ltd. “We sold our first three containers in record time and have now got eight containers arriving in March to meet the demand.”

The Woodvale range, aimed at enhancing a living space through “ultimate comfort and style”, is crafted from durable and luxurious heavy technology fabric. Ahmed added that the feel is “very close” to real leather and a particular highlight is the quality of the leather air.

“The range has been really successful due to a number of elements,” Ahmed said. “The technology fabric really gives the leather a real feel and has been popular with existing customers so far.”

As Ahmed mentioned, this month the business will take stock of eight more containers, which also includes the addition of an electric reclining function to some models. The company is now preparing for distribution across the UK and Ireland with the Irish market managed by its partners BK Sofa Wholesale Ireland.

“Irish distribution will be managed by our Irish partners and they’ll be stocking and delivering around the whole country, while we will focus on the UK,” Ahmed said.

“We work closely with our trusted partners to create deals that benefit everyone involved. By leveraging our strong relationships, we are able to lower prices without compromising on quality. We understand the day-to-day challenges businesses face, such as packaging, order processes, and delivery times. That’s why we simplify these processes, ensuring quick delivery times, low minimum orders, and efficient payment methods.

“Our growth of ordering and distribution system is working great. We have collection points in UK and Ireland, while delivery almost anywhere in the UK can be done with minimum orders as low as 2 sets with nationwide 3 day delivery turnaround in most cases. There are options of collecting with our first warehouse collection point in the East Midlands. As for Ireland, collection can be from Northern or Southern Ireland. We use a simple text ordering process, with all pre delivery notifications.

“We also provide practical collect and return warranties, as well as onsite repair options, giving businesses peace of mind. Additionally, we offer a 12-month warranty on all stock and provide options for extended third-party cover on select products.

“To stay ahead of the market and meet the latest design trends and demands, we collaborate with our Far East and overseas suppliers to manufacture the latest designs and constantly refresh our inventory every 10 days. This allows us to offer a wide variety of options for businesses to furnish the entire house.”

Having launched just over a year ago, Ahmed has over 30 years of experience in the wholesale furniture industry across the UK and Ireland. “Our aim is to provide good quality furniture that has high street brands QC at the lowest possible rate, along with ease of ordering and delivery. With my experience in this industry, having managed logistics and order management myself, I understand the problems along the ordering process, right from the product details, stock inventories, placing orders, delivery and payments.”

For more information, contact Ahmed on 07379185310 or email

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