Sleepeezee reports major sustainability wins during 2021

British bed and mattress manufacturer, Sleepeezee, has reported further sustainability gains throughout 2021.

Sleepeezee has sent no waste to landfill since 2012 and continues to offset their carbon emissions by utilising their newly installed solar panels and by planting trees in their local community. The brand has been a leading carbon-neutral company since 2017.

In 2021, Sleepeezee produced 406.51 TCO2e (location-based), which, when measured against their baseline year of 2018, sees a 27.62% reduction in their carbon footprint.

Andrew Reene, Health & Safety and Sustainability Manager at Sleepeezee commented: “Since 2017, Sleepeezee has been consciously making changes to our operations in order to maintain our carbon neutral status. We are proud to have noted positive changes in our carbon footprint across the company, most notably following the installation of our energy saving solar panels last year.”

Since the installation of 591 energy-saving solar panels in 2021, the company have generated a total of 129.59 MWh of energy. 102.38MWh was consumed by the manufacturer, with the remainder being fed into the national grid, providing green electricity for the local area.

The utilisation of solar panels has also significantly reduced Sleepeezee’s demand on the national grid and by generating its own energy, the company has avoided a total of 11.84 TCO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent – the standard unit for measuring all greenhouse gasses which is used to measure carbon footprints).

Sleepeezee’s continuous improvement programme for waste segregation has also allowed the company to be able to recycle 40.53% more plastic and 36.32% more cardboard per unit produced than in 2020.

Furthermore, in 2021 Sleepeezee was able to trial their electric delivery van that successfully delivered goods from the factory into the Greater London area. The company is now looking to work with their distribution partners going forward to trial a luton bodied van to further explore whether that style of electric van meets its requirements on larger deliveries moving forward.

Since 1924, Sleepeezee has been building beds and mattresses at their factory in Rochester, Kent, where the company has a team of over 300 craftspeople who manufacture their bespoke beds to premium standards.

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