Sleepeezee partners with Romney Marsh Wool

Bed and mattress manufacturer Sleepeezee has announced a new partnership with Romney Marsh Wools as its new supplier of premium, locally sourced wool.

All Sleepeezee mattresses containing wool will now use the finest Romney Marsh Wool.

Established in 2018, Romney Marsh Wools is owned and run by Kristina and Paul Boulden and is based on their family farm on the Romney Marsh, Kent.

Kristina Boulden, co-owner of Romney Marsh Wools commented: “For us, Sleepeezee was a perfect collaboration as it is a local business with traditional family values at its heart. We too share the belief in the welfare of the planet and our people, in sourcing materials from sustainable suppliers, and that no waste from our process goes to landfill. We strive for quality and great value in everything we do, and sustainability is at the forefront of both our businesses”.

As a 6-generation farm, Kristina and Paul currently have around 1200 Romney ewes in their flock with 150 Merino ewes. Romney Marsh Wools’ products are made by the very best British makers, who are experts in their field. Aside from supporting local businesses like Sleepeezee, Romney Marsh Wools sell a range of homeware, clothing and toiletry products as well as selling raw wool, topped fleece and yarn in a range of colours.

The collaboration between the wool manufacturer and Sleepeezee is centred around sustainability and supporting local businesses. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship is what makes Sleepeezee’s products so special, therefore Romney wool is the perfect match. Recognised as a pedigree breed in England since 1896, Romney sheep provide wool that is natural, sustainable and a demi-lustre of excellent quality and staple.

Romney wool is extremely breathable and warm due to its crimped wool fibres. It is also resistant to moisture and assists with keeping mattresses dry, stopping the development of mildew, mould, and unwanted odours. Alongside this, wool is naturally fire-resistant thanks to its high water and nitrogen content, free from toxic chemicals and is easy to clean. Romney wool is extremely sustainable and durable due to the resistant strength of the fibres which can be bent back on themselves over 20,000 times without breaking.

Sleepeezee are conscious about their global impact. Steve Warren, Managing Director at Sleepeezee commented: “As a carbon-neutral company since 2017, Sleepeezee strive for sustainability in all that we do. From offsetting our carbon emissions to planting trees in our community, we have offset a total of 1,643 tonnes of CO2 from within our factory since 2017. We also aim to sustainably source materials that align with our business values and customer’s needs, which is why investing in locally sourced wool from the Romney Marsh is so important”.

Romney Marsh Wools supports Sleepeezee’s sustainability goals both as a product and a business. Romney wool’s biodegradability does not contribute to growing waste pollution, unlike other synthetic materials which can take years to break down and die.

“Our wool is locally sourced, produced and distributed which results in it having low embodied energy due to limited transport miles. We don’t use any synthetic dyes or damaging products on our wool and wherever possible, we re-use and recycle all our packaging and waste cardboard,” said Kristina.

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