Safe, secure and the potential to save

Gary Hall, Sales Manager at FurniturePay, talks about the security benefits of its payment platform, with the added bonus of saving potentially thousands of £££s in the process.

When dealing with card transactions, security is paramount. In the digital age, fraud, cyber threats and genuine human error can all lead to big problems, especially when it comes to moving money. Every furniture and bed retailer that transacts high value items using cards will echo the same statement, that safety and security are vital.

The answer? FurniturePay.

“We here at FurniturePay pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a secure and safe card transaction service,” Gary Hall, Sales Manager said. “Not only are we totally secure, keeping your card transactions fraud free, but we can also potentially save you thousands of pounds on your transaction fees.”

Before we get into the savings side, Gary explained that the core two pillars to its platform are safety and security – the two buzzwords already highlighted. “FurniturePay can fully integrate a POS device(s) into the RetailSystem EPoS, meaning that the transaction gets sent directly to the POS without human intervention, which eliminates human error.

“Furthermore, it also makes it impossible to perform a chargeback, without authorisation, eliminating the possibility of potential fraud, while offering complete peace of mind that every transaction is secure and remains that way. The total amount you place into a RetailSystem EPoS is the amount which will appear in the blink of an eye on your payment device. It couldn’t be simpler.”

From security to savings, the added benefit with FurniturePay is the potential to save “thousands of pounds” on transaction fees, as Gary continued: “FurniturePay has amazing, second to none, negotiating power with several top providers, including Barclaycard, due to over £2 billion of buying power through our clients, which means that we can negotiate very favourable rates for our customers.

“We make the process really easy by doing all the legwork for you and negotiating on your behalf. All we need is your last card transaction statement, and the rest is all done for you. We will then come back to you with your savings amount, typically within a few days, which, when coupled with your fully integrated POS, becomes invaluable. Who doesn’t like Security AND Savings?”

So, what’s next to get FurniturePay working for your business?

As Gary said, if the prospect of changing provider seems daunting and laborious, the team at FurniturePay makes the transition seamless and smooth. They even order the POS device(s) for you and have It/them delivered to your store, as well as offering free integration.

“We ensure that it is fully integrated with your RetailSystem EPoS, meaning seamless, quick and efficient payment processing, which then drops straight into your daily balancing within your system,” Gary added. “We will make all the necessary arrangements for you, order your POS device(s) for you, and have them delivered to your business.

“It couldn’t be any easier, and if you’re tied into a current contract term with another provider, we’ve got you covered there too. You can continue running your existing provider alongside FurniturePay, until your current contract expires, with the added beauty of having a fully integrated system and savings from us, which means that your existing POS can collect dust until it is no longer required.”

“To find out more, contact us directly on 0207 096 0191. It costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. There’s nothing to lose, but everything to gain. As I said, who doesn’t like Security AND Savings?”

Find out more about FurniturePay on the Big Show.

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