Rowico invests in new warehouse system

Swedish furniture company Rowico Home has announced a new partnership with A2B Solutions to enhance its warehouse system.

A2B Solutions has been chosen to implement Reflex WMS, a warehouse system, together with the A2B Connect integration platform, which becomes an important component in being able to flexibly meet future needs for new systems and integrations.

Björn Sahlquist, CDO, said: “In a time of rapid change, our investment in Reflex WMS is crucial for our digital transformation.

“This system strengthens our inventory management and distribution flexibility, which is critical to meeting the diversified needs of our customers. Our ambition is to strengthen relationships with both resellers and end customers, and Reflex WMS is a key component of this strategy.”

Robert Koefoed, Warehouse Manager, added: “Reflex WMS marks a new era for our warehouse. With improved efficiency and precision in deliveries, we are strengthening our entire supply chain. This system is an important part in adapting to changing customer needs and supporting the company’s broader goals.”

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