RetailSystem delivers special member presentation at Autumn Furniture Show

Cloud-based software specialist for furniture and bed retailers, RetailSystem, has delivered a presentation to Minvera members during the recent Autumn Furniture Show.

The presentation, which was attended by around 30 people, showcased the benefits and features that RetailSystem provides its users, as well as an update and Q&A on current topics and developments.

The session, which lasted for 45 minutes on day two of the Minvera event, gave the opportunity for existing customers to share their feedback on the service, with communication a key message that was highlighted.

Presented by David Mugan, UK & Ireland Sales Director, and David Hewitt, Head of Global Support & Implementation, the duo responded to questions and reaffirmed their commitment to customer service following a large-scale investment in expanding its team over the last few years.

Mugan spoke of RetailSystem’s ongoing recruitment to find the ‘right people’ to add to their expanding team in an effort to meet the growing demands of the business.

“We are consistently expanding our personnel in the office, where since Covid-19, we have grown our team from three people to 15,” David Mugan said. “We’re always looking for the right people to add to our team to make sure our service is of the highest standard. It takes some time to bed these in with our own training, but we’re making great strides here.”

RetailSystem also revealed it has a number of new developments in the pipeline for Q1 2024 and will make sure its customers would be notified first of any changes and updates to its system. Furthermore, plans to bring its FurnitureKiosk offering to fruition is also aimed for the first quarter of next year, while the appointment of an SEO specialist is currently underway to bolster its website performance team.

The session was enjoyed by a lively Q&A from the audience, who also shared tips on some areas of implementation that others were not aware of, prompting David Hewitt to talk about ongoing training. “We are more than happy to accommodate any additional training our customers require and we are actively improving the way we communicate with queries raised.

“There was a genuine warmth from the audience but also constructive feedback around data, communication and point of contact for accounts. It was very encouraging to see members also engage and assist each other with some of their issues. The biggest take home is communication and we will redouble our efforts through a newly created, and just implemented, dedicated accounts email. A big thank you to everyone that attended.”

David Mugan concluded: “I felt it was a very positive first meeting with the members, with excellent engagement from the audience. The members raised some insightful questions around data access, security and the development road map. I believe we addressed all the points raised and explained the reasoning behind some of the changes. We’re very much looking forward to our next engagement with the Minerva Group.”

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