Price rises impact on British furniture production

Retailers are being urged to prepare for a surge in costs in British-made furniture, from the industry’s national trade body.

The British Furniture Manufacturers says its members have faced, and continue to meet, significant price rises from suppliers.

A wide range of materials used in furniture are rapidly increasing, including hard woods such as birch, beech and oak, along with fabrics, foam, fibre, steel, MDF, plywood and OSB.

Sean Holt, MD of the BFM, said: “This is a national and international issue. Our members are reporting a constant flow of increases, which are impossible to predict and difficult to absorb.

“We’ve seen a pattern of material increases over the last two years, but the situation has escalated significantly in recent weeks.

“Compound price hikes of up to 100 per cent are not unusual, and this is on top of the energy cost increases affecting manufacturing, which need to be managed to operate and maintain production. Fuel and labour costs are other factors which are compounding the current situation.

“Our members are committed to making their quality products in Britain and to address the challenges ahead, but they face economic factors that are beyond their control.

“We appreciate that the situation will bring disappointment and inconvenience to retailers and their customers.

“In the meantime, we are planning to produce a regular update to support retailers, so they can see the challenges ahead.

“Hopefully this will go some way to help them plan accordingly and provide insight so they can inform their customers of the current situation too.”

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