Panther Logistics - a leading force in two person delivery partners with what3words

Panther partners with location tech firm to boost reliable deliveries

Two-person delivery specialists Panther Logistics has announced its partnership with location technology company what3words to offer customers an even more effortless service. 

The rapid rise in the e-commerce industry has seen a vastly increased demand from retailers and customers insisting on a fast accurate delivery service straight to its final destination. 

However, in some locations deliveries can be difficult. Street names and postcodes can be inaccurate, new builds often don’t have a registered address, and rural locations can be hard to find.  All of this leads to a dissatisfied customer who may be reluctant to use that supplier again and by extension that delivery service. This is a problem what3words is perfectly designed to solve.

what3words is revolutionising the way the world communicates location.  It has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and given each square a unique three-word identifier: a what3words address. For example, ///bands.villa.swung identifies a precise 3-metre square on Primrose Hill with a panoramic view of London. It’s an easy way to find, share and navigate to precise locations, anywhere in the world, whether that’s a front gate, delivery entrance, parking spot, or point along an unmarked road.

Now Panther’s customers, which includes Wayfair, Dunelm, Asda, Samsung and more recently, upholstery retailer Sofa Club, can now add their what3words address for a pinpoint delivery to the entrance of their building or another convenient location to further improve the final mile delivery experience.

Panther’s customers can discover their what3words address via the free what3words app – available for iOS and Android – or the online map at

Gary McKelvey, Vice President Global Home Delivery Operations at AIT Worldwide Logistics of which Panther is a part commented: “The customer is at the very heart of what we do here, which is why we are always looking at ways to drive further efficiencies throughout our operation and through what3words’ ground breaking system – which can essentially identify any location on the surface of the earth – we will be able to remove a key stress of the delivery process entirely.”

Panther Logistics CX & Development Director Kirsty Railton said: “We are really excited to introduce what3words to our portfolio of services.  Our customers can now be more secure in the knowledge that their delivery will be received where it is needed. The partnership will lead to more reliable deliveries and accurate arrival estimates for a significant number of our customers.

“It will also minimise the need to provide additional directions or delivery instructions, optimising the delivery process and providing a smoother customer experience whilst at the same time saving on cost. what3words shares our passion for delivering high levels of customer service through innovation and we are delighted to be working alongside them.”

Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO of what3words said: “Getting deliveries to the right place and on time can be extremely challenging if the addressing information is inaccurate or unreliable. This can be particularly difficult for large orders that require a two-person delivery. Our partnership with Partner Logistics will change that. Now, Panther Logistics’ customers and retailers can rest assured in knowing that deliveries will be made with pinpoint accuracy.”

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