New website for machinery maker MattressTek

With the significant growth of its range, UK brand MattressTek has launched a refreshed and updated interactive website to showcase its full offering.

The revamped website,, features a downloadable catalogue and a more ‘interactive and accessible layout and design’, with the company working with a local developer to highlight its offering and extensive range.

Shaun Peel, Technical Director, said: “We have added the full range of machines and conveyors and really considered the information the customers want to know and the presentation and ease of accessing it, through the ability to download technical product sheets for all of the products and a full catalogue too.

“Videos and demonstrations of machines in operation and in situ on a production line are also uploaded on the site and we are still working to present case studies of previous and ongoing projects in the UK and US to show our versatility and the bespoke design and build offering.

“As one of the leaders in the making of machines for the mattress industry, our range has proven popular with clients and big brands in the UK, US and Canada, with our machines being designed and built from our site in Lancashire.”

The demand for machines such as their Hot Glue Bridge, which applies glue and layers mattress filling components before they are pressed together by the Tamping machine, has meant that they have been able to drive their exports, as well as satisfying their UK clients. Their growing catalogue of automation conveyors service industries manufacturing other products too.

Shaun added: “Automation is literally the way forward. There are a whole host of machines needed to help manufacturers to make their products to a high quality – positioning, stuffing, stitching, sewing, spring unbaling, gluing, turning, flipping, inspecting and packing.

“Our machines meet those needs and allow seamless production, ensure efficiency, reduce downtime and increase the amount of products made. Automating the process also helps to deal with the labour lag the industry is currently facing.”

Recently developed additions include their Stacker and Stuffer machines, as well as 90/180 degree turning and flipping inspection and their extensive range of conveyors which can be made to suit bespoke requirements and be added into existing production lines.

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