New mattress body mapping system to launch at Autumn Furniture Show

Technology specialist Comfort Number™ will launch its innovative mattress system at The Autumn Furniture Show in Stoneleigh.

Comfort Number helps customers find their perfect mattress by matching their body profile using its Comfort Number Test Station. After pressing Start, a voice prompt will guide consumers through the test process. In less than two minutes, customers will receive their Comfort Number (1-6). Then, they can try a corresponding mattress in-store, that matches their body profile.

Comfort NumberTest Stations use innovative pressure mapping technology built into test beds that analyse a customer’s body profile and pressure points. 

The Autumn Furniture Show, taking place on 4-5th October 2022, attendees will be able to take advantage of an exclusive show offer to have Comfort Number in their stores.  

Roger Shaw, Sales Director at Comfort Number, said “We are incredibly excited to bring this unique pressure mapping technology to the UK. Comfort Number will help give independent high street stores a much-needed boost, attracting higher foot traffic and increasing customer satisfaction. 

“Comfort Number is proven to drive sales in-store, with customers being matched to a mattress tailored to them, and no longer guessing. Customers are looking for an excellent reason to buy in-store rather than online, and our systems deliver just that.”

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