Neptune announces partnership with Stump Up For Trees

Furniture business Neptune has announced its partnership with Stump Up For Trees, a UK-based charity which focuses on woodland creation.

SUFT facilitates the replanting of woodland species with respect to local ecosystems and increases tree cover in upland regions in a sustainable manner. The charity takes a long-term approach to woodland creation; it’s not just about the trees being planted, but how they are going to develop. SUFT cares for and protects the trees for 12 years until they enter into a new regulatory framework, protecting them as a sustainable woodland which will go on to live for well beyond 100 years.

This approach perfectly aligns with Neptune’s unwavering commitment to quality and longevity, making furniture that will last 100 years and give pleasure to generations to come. Neptune’s partnership with SUFT will support the growth and expansion of the valuable work undertaken by the charity across the UK.

All timber used in Neptune’s production has been carefully selected from sustainable sources, where trees have been planted at a faster rate than they are felled for over 50 years – currently at a replacement rate of 2.5 times. Now, to further its commitment to protecting tree species and improving the local environment, Neptune pledges to plant one tree with SUFT for every tree used in its manufacturing. Customers can also choose to donate at the point of purchase, which will be matched by Neptune.  Neptune employees will also partake in two SUFT volunteering days each year.

Neptune is making a commitment to adapt, improve and remain accountable for the products it creates. This journey is a continuous effort, and year on year goals will be reviewed as it refines its processes and supply chain. Sustainability will continue to be a pillar of the Neptune brand and one of the foundations it bases its decisions upon.

Aalish York-Long, Neptune CEO, said: “We are proud to be supporting SUFT’s ambitious woodland creation project. It’s always been our mission to design and build furniture that lasts for 100 years and beyond, and we are approaching this with a renewed sense of urgency as our impact on the environment becomes increasingly apparent. Through our work with SUFT we are able to strengthen our positive impact, and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to sustainability. By focusing on quality materials, expert craft and personal service, we will enhance our unique offering even further.”

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