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Gowsh Shan, National Sales Manager at global mattress protection specialist Protect-A-Bed, talks about why their philosophy is all about supporting the customer.

Bed protection specialist Protect-A-Bed has been on a mission to help maximise every sales opportunity for their customers as well as increase awareness of the importance of hygienic sleeping solutions. The company recently exhibited at the NBF Bed Show where it used the event to reinforce this message, alongside promoting its Platinum Club rewards programme, which was, once again, very well received.

“Before we explain the Platinum Club, our key message to customers is that there are some significant differences between Protect-A-Bed and other inferior mattress protectors,” Gowsh said. “For example, every Protect-A-Bed protector includes a 10-15 year product guarantee and when bought with a mattress, a 10-15 year anti-stain guarantee.

“Protect-A-Bed will have the mattress professionally cleaned to the customer’s satisfaction or buy the customer a new one if it fails and the mattress was bought with the protector. This promise is significantly powerful and is at the core of our philosophy.”

Gowsh says its in the both the stores and the customer’s interest to purchase a Protect-A-Bed mattress protector, with every element of the business geared to drive sales and help improve sleep through enhanced hygiene.

“Our specialty is driving in-store performance, so linked mattress and mattress protector sales are extremely high. The customer benefits from a healthy and hygienic sleep zone while the store benefits from increased sales revenue. Every customer who walks through the door, if buying a mattress, needs to buy a mattress protector. It’s in their interest to do so for many reasons.

“With lower footfall in stores, increasing the average order value has never been so important,” adds Gowsh. “We have continuously demonstrated in our well-documented achievements in helping retail partners significantly grow sales.”

On the topic of hygiene, did you know that the average person sweats up to a pint of fluid a night? With mattress fillings being highly absorbent, a mattress, if unprotected, will absorb “hundreds of pints of sweat” in its first year of use alone. Protect-A-Bed conducted a laboratory test to find out what is harboured in the average unprotected mattress. Results revealed allergens including pet dander and dust mite detritus, bacteria growth as a result of stains caused by sweat, spills and other human or pet fluids, and mould growth as a result of moisture.

“All of our mattress protectors use a Miracle Membrane, which is waterproof yet breathable and allows body heat to easily pass through, whilst preventing any sweat to enter the mattress,” Gowsh revealed. “The protectors are machine washable, meaning you can keep your sleep zone healthy and hygienic.”

As mentioned earlier, Protect-A-Bed also offers an exclusive club, the Platinum Club, as Gowsh explains: “The Platinum Club, which has been extremely successful since its creation, has been designed to build, recognise and reward success with unique promotional and discount opportunities, sponsored incentives, tailored POS solutions as well as membership rewards.

“We continuously build frameworks that are simple for retailers to implement in order to achieve extremely high sales within the category. We create energy and excitement in a category often overlooked and our ability to turn this into sales growth is phenomenal.”

Through the Platinum Club and Protect-A-Bed’s outlined philosophy combined with product innovation, the company aims to bring customer support to a new level. “Product innovation is one small element of how we unlock greater sales for our partners. The Therapeutics ranges featuring Copper, Graphene and Charcoal mattress protectors have already been a great success,” Gowsh said. “Supporting our innovative mattress protectors is our specialist sales training, which is vital to unlock the sales potential.

“Our Protect-A-Bed team are incredibly adaptive to support this in any retail environment driving attachment rates to over 70%. As a business we are constantly looking to help drive sales for all of our retail partners. Find out how we can significantly grow sales for your store.”

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