Mattsons Beds gains momentum with unique approach

Swedish luxury bed manufacturer Mattsons Beds has revealed that its initial launch into the UK has been successful so far as well as a unique approach to advertising.

Mattsons confirmed that the first models left Sweden last week, while securing an order worth £20,000 for one of its stockists, who sent a customer to their trade showroom in Topsham, as it continues to target specific retail partnerships.

With this in mind, Mattsons has launched a different advertising approach, which will be displayed in Big Furniture Group’s May edition.

Colin Boyce, founder of The Bed Agent and co-founder of Passage House Agency, commented: “The team behind Mattsons Beds like to do things differently. We have placed a unique advert with no mention of beds, specification, price or even sleep. Instead, it’s an open love letter to a retailer that we would very much like to work with.

“These beds are different, so I think it’s good to have messages that are different too. There are many retailers that can easily sell Mattsons Beds, but it’s very important to approach and look after each stockist and potential stockist with respect and care. I just hope this fantastic man doesn’t mind being openly courted!

“Last week, the first Mattsons Beds (UK) floor models left Sweden too and one of my retail partners sent a potential customer to our trade showroom to see the full range in advance of the store getting their display out, which resulted in that couple ordering a £20k bed! My partner, James Leach, did a fantastic job on explaining how a really top end bed can improve the waking lives of our customers.

“These beds are incredible. I cannot wait to see people’s reaction this week at the INDX Beds & Bedroom show when they try these beds for the first time.”

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