Mattress brand conducts world’s largest sleep survey

Bed and mattress manufacturer Sealy has conducted a Global Sleep Census, polling 20,000 people across the world.

This study aims to provide valuable insights into sleep patterns and challenges, as well as the essential role of high-quality mattresses in engaging consumers, particularly relevant to the hospitality industry.

Around 95% of UK respondents revealed they don’t wake up feeling well-rested on most mornings. When comparing sleep habits of different age groups, it has been revealed that in the UK, 50+ year-olds are sleeping with the least amount of trouble (26%), but 35–49-year-olds are struggling the most to fall asleep (35%), perhaps attributed to stressful full-time jobs and young children.

For hospitality providers then, it’s paramount that guests need to be provided with the very best in mattress technology to ensure their stay is as restful as possible, allowing them to feel rejuvenated despite the pressures of modern life.

These insights are crucial for the hospitality sector, emphasising the importance of prioritising the customer’s sleep quality for their overall wellbeing and satisfaction during an overnight stay, made possible by stocking leading mattress ranges tailored to their personal preferences.

Commenting on the findings, Julie Gray, Hospitality Manager at Sealy UK said: “Modern lifestyles significantly influence sleep quality, underscoring the urgency for tailored solutions within our industry. At Sealy UK, we’re dedicated to collaborating closely with the hospitality sector, offering world-class beds and mattresses to a diverse range of partners, including small boutique hotels, large global chains, cruise ships, and holiday homes.

“The implications of these findings for our industry are profound. We hope that by recognising the sleep challenges consumers face, venues can ensure they are enhancing guest satisfaction by providing a optimal sleep environment, ultimately fostering memorable experiences for every guest and therefore encouraging repeat stays.”

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