Maker&Son under Trustpilot investigation following breach of conduct

Online review platform Trustpilot has launched an investigation against furniture brand Maker&Son over activity against its guidelines for use.

The investigation, which remains ongoing, is in relation to Maker&Son’s Trustpilot page and behaviour by the business on the platform, which has found evidence that the business has been making legal threats to consumers in a bid to “pressure and intimidate” them into deleting their negative reviews on Trustpilot.

A statement from Trustpilot said: “This is a clear violation of our Guidelines for Businesses – guidelines every business agrees to adhere to when signing up to use Trustpilot – and behaviour we take extremely seriously. As a result, and in line with our Action We Take policy, we have issued a formal Cease & Desist notice to Maker & Son, explaining that we do not tolerate this type of behaviour on our platform and demanding they cease with immediate effect.

“You may have seen that Maker&Son already had a Consumer Warning on their Trustpilot page, alerting consumers that we have identified and removed fake reviews on their page.

“In light of the legal threats they have sent to reviewers, and in line with our processes, we have now also updated the Consumer Warning to inform consumers of the business’s misbehaviour and attempts to manipulate the platform.

“It is worth stressing that our investigation into activity on Maker&Son’s Trustpilot page, and behaviour by the business on the platform, is ongoing and as a result, if we find further evidence, we may take further enforcement action where required.

“Additionally we are also seeing evidence of reviewers abusing the platform through creating multiple reviewer accounts and detecting multiple reviews being written from the same location – which contravenes our Guidelines for Reviewers.

“All businesses and consumers are treated equally on Trustpilot’s platform and through our reporting processes, and any views to suggest otherwise are simply not true.”

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