Lynch drives on with sales event evolution

Gareth Price, UK Divisional Manager at Lynch Sales Company, talks about their recent restructure and how they can help furniture retailers with its trademark sale event.

The Covid-19 pandemic introduced many challenges to businesses across all sectors. Within the furniture industry, retailers were under strict instruction when and how they could trade. As a knock-on effect, sales promotion company Lynch had to rethink its strategy. Part of this saw the company’s American owners, Chris and Barbara Lynch, decide to take a step back and retire. This presented an opportunity for Gareth to secure the UK licence for the Lynch brand in the UK and continue its journey.

Following the enforced hiatus caused by lock downs, supply chain issues and post strikes, to name but a few challenges, Lynch has been successfully back running events in the UK, which remain “as potent as ever”, particularly for retailers wishing to drive sales and clear old stock. “With Chris and Barbara Lynch taking the decision to retire, it consequently allowed my company, Lyleoak, to secure the licencing for the Lynch brand in the UK,” Gareth said. “This means we can run events in a more UK centric way. My colleague, Christopher Dickason, now directs Lynch in the USA, while Stephanie Lynch still has a vital role in marketing the Lynch brand. This is a natural evolution and allows me to focus on what works best in the UK for our clients.”

With a refreshed strategy in place, Lynch aims to focus on larger, middle and better-end independent furniture retailers. Gareth revealed: “Our sales events have evolved into a much more bespoke service paying massive attention to targeting our client’s budget. This is working very well. We looked at ways we could focus our energy and our clients marketing budget even more effectively. We have redoubled our efforts to target our firepower where it matters, which has already achieved extraordinary and measurable results. We usually expect 20% to 30% of a client’s annual turnover in month. We seem to be exceeding that with even greater preparation and event planning.”

Gareth added that the year so far has already delivered double the sales volume growth compared to 2022, with all clients serving as returning customers. Now, Lynch intends to build on what it has accomplished, refine its processes and reach out to suitable furniture retailers that could benefit from a Lynch sale event.

“In the last month, many retailers and friends in the industry have commentated that sales have slowed, but this has not been our experience. If you put something credible and exciting on, the customers will come,” Gareth said. “Be honest in your offers, plan and deliver your promotion carefully, earn your customers trust and they will buy. Retail is, after all, detail.”

On that note, some success stories of late include working with retailers such as Mattressman, Collingwood Batchelor, The Store Interiors and Barkers. More recently, Lynch has been back at Collingwood Batchellor with a sale at its Horley store. This started on 10th May and in two days they had over 2,400 customers in store, which, so far, has accomplished 13% of their annual turnover in five days.

“The pace of change is accelerating but trust remains a key issue, businesses need to constantly evolve and yet remain true to their principles. This is our mantra, just as Founder Joseph Lynch said over 100 years ago, “Respect the customer. Work with the customer. And earn that customer the highest possible results”, which is something we strive for,” Gareth said.

What their customers said

Darren Barker, Sales Director, Mattressman Norwich, said: “We are really pleased with the outcome, all possible through the success of the Lynch sale, so thank you very much for all your hard work during that whole period. We accomplished all our objectives and saw off an awful lot of stock we really didn’t need.”

Guy Collingwood, Director, Collingwood Batchelor Worthing, said: “Thanks Gareth. Very pleased with the end result. £450k was the top end of expectations and we certainly cleared some old stock. Till sales were also very good. Certainly, took on board how we must turn the building works in to positive news. Thank you for all your help, was nice to have you around. Until the next time all the very best.”

Ashoke Parsi, Director, The Store Interiors, said: “Sales exceeded our expectations by a considerable margin. Steve worked tirelessly ticketing every item on our three large floors, from furniture to accessories, became an integral member of our team with a refreshing positive outlook.”

Neil Barker, Barkers in Sheffield, said: “We are extremely pleased with the outcomes and are confident that advice given to us at all stages was tailored explicitly to meet optimum target.”

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