LOFT announces new partnership with Grado

Design and interior furnishings provider LOFT has announced a new partnership with Chinese furniture brand Grado.

Founded in 2014, Grado produces unique Italian-inspired furniture from its Hangzhou base and supplies products to 20 countries.

It sources materials from around the world, with wool from New Zealand, leather from Italy and wood from the USA.  

As part of the new partnership, LOFT is the sole supplier of Grado furniture to the UK.

“LOFT is thrilled to announce our partnership with Grado, to exclusively supply their furniture to customers across the UK,” the company said.

“Grado is an international design brand synonymous with high-quality and stylish furniture which elevates interiors. Their focus extends beyond the look of furniture though. They aspire to create ‘friendly’ furniture with a simple and natural style, all to enhance resident wellbeing.

“This is why they’re the perfect match for LOFT and our core value of ‘people first design’. Both LOFT and Grado produce furniture which works excellently for the people using it day after day.

“We’re excited to reveal that their exclusive designs will soon be available on our website.”

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