Leekes shares update on Cross Hands revamp

Family-owned retailer Leekes has revealed the progress of its Cross Hands store that is currently undergoing a major refurbishment.

The overhaul includes a brand-new shopping experience, with new furniture studios from brands like Alexander & James, ercol, and Stressless.

The grand relaunch is scheduled for the end of November 2023.

“The heart of this refurbishment lies in the creation of cutting-edge furniture studios,” Leekes said. “Alexander & James, ercol, and Stressless are known for their quality craftsmanship and stunning designs, and now, Leekes Cross Hands is set to showcase their collections in dedicated spaces that allow customers to explore the brands’ offerings in detail.

“The Leekes Cross Hands store refurbishment goes beyond just showcasing furniture; it aims to provide an improved shopping experience. Here’s how it will achieve that:

“New flooring: The store is getting a fresh floor makeover, ensuring a clean and inviting environment for shoppers. The new flooring will complement the furniture studios’ aesthetics and contribute to an overall modern look.

“Room sets: Creating a “lifestyle feel” in the store is a top priority. The inclusion of new room sets will enable customers to visualise how different pieces of furniture can fit into their own living spaces. These sets will inspire creativity and make the decision-making process easier.

“New interior design studio: An improved interior design studio will be introduced in a new location offering customers a bespoke design service.

“Improved in-store experience: With the refurbishment, Leekes Cross Hands aims to improve the in-store shopping experience. From new signage to an improved store layout, customers will find it easier to navigate and explore the store’s extensive product offering.”

Joanna Mounty, group visual merchandiser for Leekes, added: “We’ve made great progress in store so far and it’s really starting to take shape. There are more furniture studios still to be introduced including Celebrity, G Plan Upholstery and Italia Living along with new lightboxes that feature some local landmarks, further establishing our love for the Carmarthenshire area.”

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