KOBLE Designs enters the game

Nathan Morgan, Commercial Director at Koble Designs, talks about elevating the gaming experience with smart gaming furniture.

In a world where gaming is not just a hobby but a lifestyle, there is no room for compromise in your set up. KOBLE Designs is traditionally known for innovative smart furniture solutions but has recently embarked on a new journey into the realm of gaming furniture.

‍With over six years of experience in crafting tech-integrated home office furniture, KOBLE Designs brings its expertise to revolutionise the gaming world and is ready to shake things up.

‍The decision to venture into gaming furniture was a natural progression for KOBLE Designs, leveraging our proficiency in integrating technology within furniture. With the professional gamer in mind, KOBLE aims to create meticulously designed gaming pieces that embody functionality, style, and sophistication.

‍Going to market in late 2023 a core range has been introduced including the Cyclone height adjustable smart gaming desk, the Avalanche and Vortex gaming chairs, and the Shadow TV gaming media unit. And this is just a start of the gaming range.

‍One of the key principles guiding KOBLE Designs’ into gaming furniture is the fusion of work efficiency with enhanced gaming experiences. The company’ ethos revolves around enabling users to: “Work Smart but Play Harder”. Drawing insights from professional gamers and meticulously gathering detailed feedback, KOBLE Designs focuses on delivering what gamers truly want.

‍Focusing on minimalist designs, we are pulling away from the garish and over the top designs that so many of our competitors are embracing. Our products boast simplicity that speaks volumes, emphasising clean lines and sophistication while maintaining functionality at the core.

‍Take, for instance, our gaming desks – the clear and clean worktops facilitate focused gameplay, while the integrated AC charging points eliminate the need for unsightly extension cables cluttering the space beneath the desk. The ingenious cable management tray, designed to be deep and wide, provides ample room for organising messy cables, ensuring a clutter-free gaming environment. Additionally, the desks feature wireless charging stations to keep devices powered and within easy reach.

‍What truly elevates KOBLE Designs’ gaming desks is the incorporation of dual motors that support heavy worktops, accommodating large gaming screens for an immersive visual experience. The desks are controlled by a patented unique screen interface, thoughtfully designed around a smartphone, allowing users to set reminders for healthier habits like standing up at intervals, promoting higher concentration during gameplay.

Complementing the desks, KOBLE Designs’ media gaming unit offers similar technological advancements, enhancing the gaming setup with an extremely powerful integrated sound-bar accompanied by a subwoofer. This addition ensures an all-encompassing sensory experience, immersing gamers deeper into their virtual worlds.

‍In a world where gaming setups are evolving from mere entertainment corners, or the foot of your bed hunched over in front of a screen, gamers are now looking to personalised, tech-savvy spaces, KOBLE Designs stands at the forefront of this movement, paving the way for a new era of gaming furniture.

To find out more on how you could be become a retail partner for Koble designs new gaming furniture, make contact with our sales team via sales@kobledesigns.com


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