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Paul Wray, Managing Director of Furntec Ltd and Modern Outlook Furniture, shares an insight into why visiting your overseas partner is paramount when product checking.

Finally, after the outbreak of COVID, China has opened its doors again giving the freedom for buyers to look at visiting again after an almost a three-year close on the border.

I had the privilege of my first customer visits in March and April this year, and let me say it was great to see faces I had not seen in such a long time. Although many meetings online, it’s just not the same as having face to face discussions about existing product ranges and new developments.

As one of my customers explained on his visit, seeing pictures of new products is good, but actually being able to feel, sit, handle, and see the quality of a new piece of furniture is paramount to getting it right for your market.

Having sofas produced for us here in China are a big part of our business in both leather and fabrics, and the sit comfort is extremely important for the UK market as well as other countries. If you are buying directly from a manufacturer from overseas and you cannot go there to check what has been made, how will you know if what you have ordered will feel, and sit right?

I have heard many times that although the product looked great on a picture, when it arrived it sat like a concrete block and the materials used did not have the feel we needed. We now have a container/containers of product that will be very difficult to sell.

My advice from someone being on the ground here who knows the industry, buyers please visit your factories regularly to make sure you are getting products that are right for your market. If this is not possible, please get in touch so we can help you throughout any new development or purchases to achieve the best results.

Modern Outlook Furniture assists businesses of all sizes in procurement from China at any stage of your project. If you would like a no obligation conversation about how we can assist you and help you avoid any costly issues or nasty surprises, please do get in touch! /

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