Integrated, preloved platform for furniture retailers launches

A new platform geared towards helping furnishing retailers become more sustainable has launched.

As questions around sustainability and circularity looms larger and legislation tightens, retailers are under increasing pressure to adopt more effective sustainable practices.

Rehome Platform is an innovative solution designed to help retailers tackle waste by focussing on reuse and prevention, whilst boosting their bottom line.

Up until now these items have been sold outside of retailers branded environments, missing out on potential revenue, brand engagement and customer acquisition.

Using the Rehome Platform retailers can integrate the sale of preloved items into their existing online stores, capitalising on both new and preloved markets.

“With the preloved market expected to grow as much as 70% for fashion & apparel and upwards of 40% for furniture by 2027 we wanted to give retailers the opportunity to encompass the preloved market as well as new, they can do this by integrating our Rehome Platform in to their existing domains, giving their customers the opportunity to make some money from their items and generating more revenue for the retailer,” says Carly Downer, Co-Founder of Rehome Platform.

“By embracing this trend, retailers can not only meet consumer demand but also drive additional revenue.”

As legislation around waste management becomes more stringent, the Rehome Platform provides a timely and effective solution for retailers. The platform not only addresses regulatory compliance but also supports sustainability goals, aligning with the growing consumer preference for eco-friendly practices.

Carly adds: “We believe that the retailers should enable their customers to have the opportunity to sell their preloved items by bringing them back into retailers’ own ecosystems. We are helping them to achieve this goal which will enable them to maximise revenue, comply with regulations and meet the rising demand for sustainable shopping options.”

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