Inside DUXIANA’s Stamford Store

Paul Allchin, owner of Belvedere Interiors, talks about his expansion through the opening of a standalone mono-brand DUXIANA store.

Swedish bed and furniture manufacturer DUXIANA has been building something special here in the UK of late. From brand building to partnership forming, DUXIANA is firmly establishing itself as a key player in the luxury market. Adding to this growth strategy, the brand has recently opened a new store, its first outside London, marking another significant chapter, not only in its UK operation, but also its global story.

DUXIANA has been busy identifying key retail partnerships and locations in the UK as part of this strategy, with Stamford providing the perfect platform for its second store. Situated on Ironmonger Street, just off the Stamford High Street, the picturesque setting marries seamlessly with the brands atheistic and ethos.

So, when Big Furniture Group’s editor was invited to see the finishing touches put in place and experience the store first-hand, it was an opportunity not to be missed. Like its London showroom on George Street, the Stamford store features popular models from the DUXIANA range, including furniture and bedding, alongside The DUX Bed.

Paul Allchin, owner of the store, explained just how the partnership blossomed and why the sole focus being on DUXIANA was a no-brainer. “I first became aware of DUXIANA many years ago and have always been fascinated by the brand. I reached out to see if they wanted to take some space in a retail premises. We then met up and it snow-balled from there and here we are with the store in Stamford.

“We first met last summer and I found the shop shortly after and we decided to run with it entirely as a DUX branded shop. Kevin Slade (Director of Growth at DUXIANA) and his team have been fantastic and I’ve followed their lead with the layout and store design. It’s been an incredible journey so far and the transformation of this empty shell to what it is now is nothing short of fantastic.”

The store opens with visually stunning signage, furniture products and a dressed-up DUX Bed in a spacious layout. The little points of detail, like the homewares, slippers and DUX branded mugs displayed a warm feeling, with the core bed display running midway through the store. “This allows the customer to walk through as a journey, learn and experience the DUX brand in full,” says Paul.

“The consultation section also allows for a relaxed setting to do business. It often takes around two hours from walking through the door to the end purchase for a typical buying journey to complete. It’s all about the experience and this store delivers that in abundance.”

DUXIANA, a fourth-generation business, opened the store on 23 April 2024 and will hold an official launch party soon to celebrate the milestone. “We’re excited to see how our new Stamford store performs, which is part of plans for a wider UK rollout,” Kevin Slade, Director of Growth at DUXIANA, said.

“We are now actively looking for 6-10 retail partners across the UK that are in line with our strategy of offering a premium unique product via a premium customer experience. Our partnership with Paul in Stamford has been a big success in putting our vision into reality and we look forward to what comes next – hopefully lots of customers through the door!”

As Kevin indicates, the brand is looking to maintain its growth trajectory and sees retail partnerships fundamental to their strategy. Plus, it works both ways, as the benefits for the retailer to get involved offer huge potential. For Paul, working with DUXIANA has been “on another level”. “I’m all about luxury brands and DUXIANA is a luxury brand at the top of its game. I’ve been involved with other bed brands before, but DUXIANA are on another level in terms of quality and the complete customer experience.

“I know Stamford well and I know the demographic of shoppers,” Paul continues. “The location itself is a beautiful part of the UK and DUX fits in perfectly with their brand ethos and luxury offering. My plan is to really cement this store in Stamford and build the business. I would like to expand further with other DUXIANA stores, and eager to work with them to fulfill this. We are both ambitious for the UK market and Stamford plays a key strategic part in the next phase of DUX’s growth.”

On the products themselves, Paul has long been in admiration of the craftmanship and uniqueness that embodies DUXIANA. “If you buy a DUX bed, it’s multi-generational. You can get components repaired and replaced over time, adding to the longevity, and they offer tremendous amounts of versatility to suit any needs or changing needs during ownership.

“Their bedding and pillows are on equal quality too. The technology behind the pillow is phenomenal – I’ve never seen a pillow quite like it and they are fantastic. The bedding and pillows also provide a great sales opportunity for the store too as everything is in one place for customer. They are ideally located in our consultation section, at the back of the store, where customers can easily absorb the benefits of the entire DUX offering.”

If you’re interested in forging a strategic partnership and becoming part of the DUX story, don’t hesitate to respond to their call to action, as Kevin boldly states: “DUXIANA WANTS YOU!”

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