Innovative Woodworking Robotics

JJ Smith unveils innovative Woodworking Robotics at Furniture Component Expo 2024.

JJ Smith leads the charge in woodworking innovation at Furniture Component Expo 2024, unveiling their latest groundbreaking product range from Woodworking Robotics. Partnering with leading robotics manufacturers, they can offer cutting edge automation solutions to the woodworking industry aimed at simplifying manufacturing processes.

The aim of Woodworking Robotics is not to replace humans, but to enhance their capabilities. By delegating the ‘3 Ds’ of manufacturing – Dirty, Dangerous and Dull tasks – to collaborative robots, operators can focus on higher value tasks, boosting productivity and reducing risks.

At this year’s Furniture Component Expo, from 24 to 25 April 2024, visit Woodworking Robotics (Stand 73) to witness their latest innovations, including robotic assembly systems, conveyor loading, furniture sanding, screwdriving, machine tending and T-nut insertion. 

For more information on how automation can revolutionise your woodworking production processes, contact JJ Smith today.

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