Independent vintage furniture business expands store

Independent vintage furniture business Norfolk Retro has expanded its showroom using the new space as a dedicated ercol store.

The shop, situated in St Augustines Street, Norwich, has taken over the property next door to create a ‘UK first’ at showcasing ercol furniture it sources.

Owned by Laura Budds, Norfolk Retro opened the new space on 26 February 2024 and said: “I believe this is the UK’s only high street vintage ercol showroom. Every piece has been sourced by me and is ready to be cherished by you (and coveted by your visitors…).

“All the ercol is vintage and most midcentury so expect some light wear and tear, but all armchairs and sofas will have new webbing, foam and upholstery.

“As well as a whole room full of ercol, there will be lots of other new (old) things, like this, that I’ve sourced on some recent buying trips.

“My aim one day is to open a vintage ‘department store’. My vision is more than a traditional antiques centre and I even have my eye on certain buildings in Norwich that I know would be perfect (and fantastic local sellers I’d want to be in there!) Definitely a long-term aim and I’m not sure how I’d ever get it off the ground without some outside investment.”

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