Independent to convert outlet store into flats

Independent furniture retailer Glasswells has announced plans to close its outlet store in Sudbury.

The store, which is situated in North Street, is expected to close next month after plans to redevelop the site into flats on the first floor, and with a smaller retail space on the ground floor, were approved by the local council.

Planning documents outlined that the 6,000sqft Glasswells Discount Furniture Outlet store will be converted into four first floor flats, while the ground retail space will halve to 3,000sqft.

It is understood that the project will take around nine months to complete.

Glasswells said that after seeing a number of shops being turned into living accommodation, leaving a smaller retail, prompted the move, while also the increase in demand for online shopping also played a key factor in the decision.

“People are purchasing more online rather than in person, therefore it is vital we use the space to our advantage,” the business said.

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