Independent beds retailer launches Christmas charity campaign

Independent beds retailer Linthorpe Beds has revealed its Christmas charity campaign, encouraging its local community to donate a tin to avoid the bin.

Dean Morley, Operations Manager at Linthorpe Beds, said: “Every year at Linthorpe Beds we like to do our part to offer a helping hand to our community and 2022 is no different. We understand that this year people are tightening their purse strings due to the current economic climate, the cost-of-living crisis and raising taxes. Yet, we know that people still want to play their part to help those less fortunate especially as we enter the period of giving and goodwill to all men. That’s why this year we wanted to think outside the box when it came to creating our charity drive and that idea was to put something inside the box!

“I think many of us can relate when it comes to those pesky tins, cans, packets and cartons bulging out from the back of our pantry. We bought them in good faith to make that seemingly simple Nigella Lawson chicken dish yet had second thoughts when we trawled the supermarkets in vain looking for those allusive ground annatto seeds?! Or we won a tin here and there from the tombola table at our local school fate or decided against that fad diet after spending a small fortune on tinned Californian prunes. What I’m trying to say is, we all have those spare tins that could be given to someone in need.

“That’s why this month we are running our ‘Donate a Tin, Don’t Bin’ Campaign. We’re after your tins of beans, peas, sweetcorn, tuna etc. as well as dried foods such as pastas, rice, grains and pulses. All we ask is that they are in date and unopened. Each of our 3 stores located in Portrack Lane Stockton, Darlington and Bishop Auckland will have designated drop off points.

“We will be donating all foods to local food banks and charities for them to distribute among their users. With the public’s input we can help make Christmas a little easier for those less fortunate, so this year why not donate tin instead of putting it in the bin?”

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