IKEA increases loyalty with rewards and personalised experiences

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has increased the opportunity for its customers of becoming IKEA Family members and to collect rewards.

IKEA has redefined the IKEA Family customer experience by creating a genuine and personalised interaction with every customer that chooses to interact with the brand. It will reward customers not only for purchases, but for interactions, whether it’s through using the planning tools, attending IKEA events, or simply by logging into the IKEA App.

“Customers can collect reward keys (or points) on purchases and interactions, and not only get products discounts, but have the freedom to use them for a free interior design consultation, or perhaps to receive help with furniture assembly, or even to get a plate of fresh Swedish meatballs,” IKEA said.

The new reward keys programme has already started in Australia, Italy and Portugal. The goal is to have the experience in all markets by the end of 2025.

Since the release of the new program, the share of sales from IKEA Family members has increased by 58%. In Portugal, IKEA has already seen a sharp increase in transaction frequency and average transaction value, being the most popular reward the product vouchers and the free meals.

Linda Ha, Global Customer Engagement & Loyalty Manager at Ingka Group, said: “With the growing number of customers shopping with us online and through the IKEA App, we understand the importance of finding more ways to add value into people’s lives when they shop with us.

“So, in true IKEA style, we are giving customers an updated loyalty program with more and better benefits. The new rewards programme builds on our promise to help more people have a better life at home. By offering a variety of rewards, it will help customers get excited about new furnishing projects and enjoy all the benefits IKEA has to offer.”

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