How to implement a furniture ERP & EPOS system in three steps

The importance of streamlining operations is paramount for furniture and bed retailers. Utilising powerful software systems, combined with electronic point of sale, not only achieves this, but also drives growth.

David Hewitt, Head of Global Support & Implementation for RetailSystem – an award-winning, industry leading furniture & bed retailers combined ERP & EPOS solution, talks about the three steps of implementation and why your business needs to join the retail revolution. 

Back in 2004, when dial-up technology was commonplace, RetailSystem was designed as a genuine end-to-end cloud software solution for furniture and bed retailers. Today, our leadership team has grown into a large group of diverse individuals, combining 100 years of furniture and bed retail experience and 50 years implementing RetailSystem for retailers around the world.

Our commitment to ongoing development ensures that we have the very best staff all over the world, and at every level of operation. Our motivation and mission have remained the same, which is simply to help our clients run their furniture and bed businesses.

“Developed specifically for furniture and bed retailers, RetailSystem is built to improve your retail operations and processes. Whether you are a single or multi store retailer, we can help you manage your business more efficiently through our software solution.”

What is ERP & EPOS Implementation?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) software are becoming vital tools, revolutionising the way businesses operate and serve their customers. A fully implemented EPOS system means your retail business is working on the same single database as your ERP, ensuring information including transactions, business processes, data management, reporting, security, and other integration options are always in sync and working together. It’s a digital dream that transforms a business into the modern world.

The Furniture and Bed Retail Industry Experts

Designed to grow and scale, RetailSystem works for furniture and bed retailers of any size, from single location to multi-store operations. We know a thing or two about furniture and bed retail, that’s why our software is specifically designed for our industry and fine-tuned to the way your store operates. The features on our system have been developed to help grow your business, with the benefit of integrating multiple stores into one with our retail software solution.

From our award-winning POS solution, our WebSystem (Shopify integration), our DigitalWarehouse, our FurnitureBooks (QuickBooks integration), our FurniturePay merchant services solution or our fabulous new FurnitureKiosk solution, the RetailSystem ecosystem really does have it all. Our team has a wealth of knowledge including first had experience of using RetailSystem in Realtime on the shop floor, back office and warehouse. This ensures efficient implementation through REAL industry know-how.

At RetailSystem, we have developed three simple steps to ERP & EPOS software implementation.

Step One – Time for Transition

Following a review with our sales team sharing insights into your business and how we can provide the right solution, we then start the transition process through a handover meeting from sales to the RetailSystem on-boarding team making sure your expectations are aligned.

Through your dedicated Project Manager, a plan will be implemented to achieve seamless transition. This plan, tailored to your unique business, has been developed by RetailSystem using proven processes and practices through the successful implementation of over 1,500 retailers in the furniture and bed industry.

Change is Power

As the ‘Best Software Supplier to the Furniture and Bed Industry’ for well over a decade having won multiple awards over consecutive years, we take pride in delivering an award-winning service to over 1,500 retailers. Our cloud-based solution to retailing software was the first to reach our clients’ stores, so you can guarantee we’ll always keep up with technology at no extra cost to you. Part of this transition is embracing the change that comes with technology. We help minimise any disruption and maximise system potential.

Our team have all been part of furniture retail. So, whether you are calling us for a demo, some extra training or to develop a new solution, you’ll get a consistently high quality of service. You will also work with our technical team during the transition and installation process as they are experts in system setup that will further support the seamless implementation process.

Step Two – Time to Transform

The next step in our implementation journey is to transform your system through the changes identified that best meet your business requirements. Our experienced team at RetailSystem focusses on a collaborative style so we work with you at every stage of the transformation. From tech-savvy, to content creatives, we provide unrivalled expertise to facilitate our shared goal. A key area of this is our unmatched training and support.

RetailSystem Set Up & Training

Training is essential when maximising the potential of any ERP & EPOS system. RetailSystem takes this seriously and provides free initial training through the RetailSystem Training Centre as well as free ongoing support. With so many benefits of our solution, we make it our mission to make it work the best it can for you. Areas include:

  • Accounting – access crucial financial data and reports in one click, and keep a handle on overdue accounts, debtors and creditors.
  • Warehousing – control your delivery function dynamically, with a real-time view of delivery slots, areas, postcodes, carriers and deliveries.
  • Customer Service – keep your customers in the picture with online order tracking, text alerts and complaint handling.
  • Sales Floor – use hand-held devices to check stock and process orders direct from the sales floor.
  • Sales Analysis – create accurate reports when you need them so you can make better, informed decisions.
  • Buying and Stock Control – generate purchase orders automatically to replenish stock when an item is sold.
  • Ecommerce – take a fully-integrated WebSystem approach that gives customers a seamless experience across online and offline channels.

Yes – we can train you in every area that completely transforms your business so you can optimise all operations.

Technical Time

When migrating from a previous provider to RetailSystem, extracting and importing accurate historical data is critical to the success in the process. We manage this for you through a structured conversion, implementing a strategy to test and validate data to ensure a smooth and seamless transition that provides minimum disruption for your customers. As part of this procedure, we conduct weekly status and progress checks to keep you informed of completed tasks, current and future actions, and any potential changes that may arise as the project moves forward. Throughout the entire implementation, all technical elements are rigorously tested and checked to maintain system performance, while support is always on hand to help further.

Step Three – Time to Launch

It’s almost that time. Time to launch! But before the go-live day, we make sure everything is working as it should with one final test. Maintaining our collaborative style, we test each RetailSystem function and help address anything that needs adjusting. Then we’re ready to launch. But the support doesn’t stop there.

On the day of launch, and after being armed with all the knowledge ready to be put into practice, RetailSystem becomes your complete live solution. The dream now becomes reality. And when the excitement of turning the pilot into full on flight-mode, RetailSystem is here to support you. This includes on-site and virtual support whenever you need it and at no extra cost. When day one comes to end, you can rest assured in the knowledge that RetailSystem’s support will always be there.

Celebration Time

And on that note, our implementation journey has come to end. Actually, it hasn’t because we’re always going to be there for you as we look forward to a long-term successful partnership. RetailSystem is always busy developing and improving too, so while you celebrate your company milestone, we’ll be right behind you, spearheading success for your furniture or bed retail business, allowing you to operate more efficiently and profitably. Congratulations on bringing your business into the digital world through RetailSystem.

“In the end, our goal is to help your team sell more furniture and beds by implementing the industries number one ERP & EPOS… RetailSystem.” – David Hewitt, Head of Global Support & Implementation.

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