How to double your sales with this free toolkit

Sam King, founder of From Fear To Mindful, talks about why his free toolkit can help furnishing retailers double sales without the need of advertising.

You know how amazing it feels to receive a handcrafted, wonderfully written letter through the post?

They’re so much warmer than any e-mail campaign…

Well, imagine this…

You’ve bought a table and chairs and just received delivery from your favourite store.

You’re overjoyed with your new piece of furniture and how amazing it looks in your home.

Then, 48 hours later, you receive a fantastically written letter on a quality piece of parchment delivered in a luxury envelope with a first class stamp.

The letter reads how beautiful the furniture must look and how overjoyed you must feel to have made an amazing choice.

It then goes on to say how appreciative the company is, how you’ve chosen to shop with and trust them and that you’re now a valued member of their family.

The letter then explains that because you’re such a valued member of the family and how the company likes to look after its community, it will offer an extra 5% discount and complimentary delivery for any additional items that you buy.

The envelope then includes a brochure with the additional items that are within the same range of the dining suite that compliment the entire look.

The sideboard…

The coffee table…

The lamp table…

The curio….

The TV stand…

The cabinet…

If you bought a 3 seater and 2 seater, it will show you complimenting furniture to tie in the entire look.

Coffee tables, rugs, accessories etc.

The letter finishes with a hand signed signature from the CEO or Managing Director, increasing the companies prestige and authority while emitting a vibe of warmth and openness

Not everybody will buy the full set of extra furniture available, but for the price of a letter and a postage stamp…?

The returns are ridiculous…!

Even the brochures are paid for by your suppliers!

So, how can this benefit you?

What additional items can you serve your clients with after they’ve received delivery which they didn’t place at point of sale?

It’s so much easier to sell to an existing client rather than spending much more to bring in somebody cold.

Plus, their wallet is already open and they’re in a mood to spend!


Find more free tips like this in the Toolkit – worth $497, below which has 13 actionable tools that you can implement straight away!

Get the free toolkit here

Let me know how you get on implementing the strategies, we love to hear success stories!

Your Coach, Sam

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