Home furnishings retailer launches new sustainable product range

Home furnishings retailer Dunelm has announced the launch of its new sustainably focused homewares range ‘Conscious Choice’.

The launch includes over 800 products from bedroom and kitchen items to accessories and decorative products.

Dunelm said that the Conscious Choice collection is aimed to help customers shop more environmentally friendly as all products will meet sustainability driven criteria.

To get this stamp of approval, every item must be made from at least 50% more sustainable materials (by weight), compared to conventional alternatives.

These materials include recycled plastics, glass, polyester and cotton, alongside organic fabrics, man-made cellulosic fibres and responsibly sourced timber.

Furthermore, Dunelm is offering an extended guarantee of between 5-25 years, with the ambition to ‘encourage everyone to keep our products away from landfill’ as these products have designed with ‘quality and longevity in mind’.

Commenting on the new range, Dunelm said: “Lots of our customers and colleagues tell us they want to know how to shop with the environment in mind, but making the ‘right’ decision for your home and the environment can be complicated. We’ve created Dunelm Conscious Choice with the aim to be transparent about our own-brand products and make it easier for everyone to find homewares that have a reduced environmental impact (compared to other products available from Dunelm). 

“The products that this label applies to aren’t fixed forever. As technology and knowledge on sustainability evolve, we’ll regularly review our Dunelm Conscious Choice collection to keep up with and reflect these developments.

“Right now, we’re focusing on the raw materials we use, as this is where our data shows the greatest opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of our products. We know it’s only one piece of the puzzle and we still have more to do, but our journey to improve the whole product life cycle begins here. We’re working behind the scenes to make meaningful changes, with long-term goals that include creating better supply chain processes and localising sourcing regions closer to assembling factories.”

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