Green Retail with JYSK, Panda and Arighi Bianchi

In the next part of our ongoing sustainable series, we take a look at the latest updates from furniture retailer JYSK, sleep brand Panda and home furnishings retailer Arighi Bianchi.


Danish furniture retailer JYSK is scrapping top plastic on its pallets as part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, which will ensure savings for both the business and the environment.

The change has already been made at most of JYSK’s distribution centres, and a smart replacement has been found, which will save around 920,000 kilograms of plastic annually.

“It’s a step towards a more sustainable future for JYSK. Until now, we have put top plastic on all the pallets, but thanks to optimisation, it’s no longer needed that often. So, we’ve come up with a reusable cover for stores who may need it,” says Michael Olesen, Retail Operational Manager at JYSK.

The purpose of the top plastic was to protect the goods from the weather, but most of the pallets go straight into storage at the stores. In rare cases, the pallets may need to be outside for a while, and here the stores may use the new covers.

To ensure they are easy to use, a workgroup consisting mainly of retailers from different countries worked on a smart design. Selected stores then tested the covers.

755 JYSK stores have already received their new covers, while an additional 100 stores have placed orders to get theirs.

In addition to being gentler to the environment, the change will also result in financial savings. And as an added bonus, the new initiative is also more efficient for those working at the distribution centres.

“It saves them time and that makes for a better work environment which is always a win,” says Michael Olesen.


Manufacturer and retailer of bedding and mattresses, Panda, has recently launched its new sustainable bedding, a pivotal step forward on its journey to harmonise the relationship between luxury and sustainability.

Utilising the most advanced production techniques, the latest fabric is made from bamboo sourced from sustainable forests. Using a closed-loop process that saves 98% of water, bamboo lyocell is certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® and is said to be the purest bamboo-based textile on the market.

Director Matan Gilan hails bamboo as “the fabric of the 21st century,” stating: “The Signature+™ Collection was created to provide the most eco-friendly option for consumers who do not wish to compromise on luxury. Offering all the benefits of their signature bamboo, the fabric is softer, slightly more durable and the kindest choice for your skin and the planet.

“Available in two new colours inspired by nature, our Forest Green and Pebble Cream Bedding Sets are available as a full bedding set or as individual pieces, and will be available on the website and via selected retailers.”

“We never stop innovating. Any product we bring to the market undergoes stringent testing, allowing consumers to buy in confidence and rest soundly. We are inspiring a shifting mindset to choose quality over quantity, taking care of our environment and creating a world of natural comfort,” added Director Tamir Teitelbaum.

Arighi Bianchi

Sustainability is also “very important” to Arighi Bianchi with the retailer continuing to learn and evolve their sustainability practices. In addition to funding EV charging points in the car park, they have been working hard to reduce waste and plastic usage and driving efficiencies with investments including LED light upgrades.

“At Caffè AB we work with very local suppliers, which ensures the highest quality of ingredients whilst supporting the local economy,” said Sarah Bianchi, CEO. “We also work closely with suppliers to ensure that they share our sustainability ambitions too and we believe in sharing best practice as an industry so that we can collectively do our bit.”

“We always try to group deliveries together and create the most effective route… a perk of having our own delivery team. Choosing the most efficient route will cut down on transport emissions, which is exactly what we want.

Our delivery team also send all packaging back to CABs (our services department) to be reused on other furniture. And any old furniture removed from a customer’s home is brought back and donated to different charities where it can be loved again.

“Our aim for the future is to progress to the use of an electric fleet of vans when delivering locally.” / /

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