GNG: A year of further innovation and value

Richard Gretton, Commercial Director at GNG Group, reviews 2023 and discusses developments planned for the next 12 months.

“Having joined GNG Group in summer 2023, my first six months have been something of a baptism of fire given how busy we are, both responding to ever-growing customer demand and also innovating our products to ensure we stay at the forefront of the sector, but it’s been extremely satisfying.

“We had a really successful 12 months of growth last year. As ever, we have kept a close eye on new product development with our creative NPD team continuing to innovate to provide a selection of affordable options to meet the changing needs of the domestic market. Our agent team has also done a brilliant job of driving organic growth and generating a number of new account openings last year. We’ve also been boosted by the marked growth of our vacuum-packed Komfi Unity range, and the introduction of our new KomfiMed mattresses.

“KomfiMed marks another important milestone – with our heritage as an approved supplier to the NHS, we’ve developed a range which features supportive medically-proven foam to give excellent spinal alignment and relieve stress on joints.

“We were proud that in KomfiMed’s first showing, we were named finalists in the Bed Product of the Year category at the NBF Awards. This further demonstrates that the unique combination of medically proven foam, TrueGel technology and the use of sustainable materials such as Ecofoam is resonating with retailers. With nearly 100 floor models in place and on the way, we have a steady flow of repeat consumer orders coming in.

“Accredited as a carbon neutral company, ‘green’ innovation remains a focus. We are always exploring new materials and methods, and strengthening our CSR strategy to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of how we manufacture, source and deliver. Our aim is to continue to increase the use of Ecofoam in all our products, for both the consumer and contract markets, and to introduce new methods and machinery to limit any carbon footprint.

“Looking ahead, we have lots to come across multiple sectors, but all initiatives will be innovative, have attention to detail and sustainability at their core. We are committed to offering great value and comfort to the consumer, and providing our retail partners with clear simple messages.

“With significant new product introductions underway, we will continue to build our product and pricing architecture – all with an eye to delivering innovation and value, as well as striving to further increase capacity and efficiency.”

If you’d like to find out more about stocking the Komfi collection or any other GNG ranges, contact GNG on 01924 950 300 or email

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