Getting Komfi with Ecofoam

Richard Gretton, Commercial director of GNG, talks about the sustainable benefits behind its latest Komfi developments, including the recently launched KomfiMed range.

Earlier this year, mattress manufacturer GNG Group launched its greener focused Komfi collection in an effort to meet growing sustainability and recycling consumer demand. The collection was designed to provide a range of environmentally-friendly options for retailers as well as enhance GNG’s product offering.

With most models featuring innovative Ecofoam developed in-house by GNG, the range meets consumer demand for products with a reduced carbon footprint. Ecofoam is a unique material made from 100% recycled and re-engineered foam, resulting in a much ‘greener’ product.

Ecofoam is also resilient and durable, and naturally dust mite resistant, making it ideal for use in mattresses, as Richard explains: “Offering excellent body support, our NBF Approved Komfi mattress collection has a 10-year warranty. The long-term benefit of an Ecofoam mattress comes when it reaches the end of its natural life as it can be entirely recycled.”

Using this technology alongside its experience as an approved supplier to the NHS, GNG has more recently developed its brand new KomfiMed range, an industry-first which combines medically-proven foam with TrueGel technology, plus the environmental benefits of Ecofoam. “This product delivers excellent pressure relief while minimising motion transfer and regulating temperature to provide a peaceful night’s sleep,” says Richard.

“Specifically engineered for enhanced support, the range gives excellent spinal alignment and relieves stress on joints. A highly advanced material known for its exceptional comfort and therapeutic benefits, medically-proven foam is crafted with precision and adherence to strict quality standards. It offers a supportive sleep surface while conforming to the body’s contours. The range is available in soft, medium and firm options.”

The Komfi collections include the vacuum-packed Unity range too, which was launched last year and provides an affordably priced mattress that is proving ‘very popular’, as Richard continues: “Offering excellent value as well as quality and comfort, Unity also delivers the benefits of Ecofoam too. The reaction has been fantastic and serves as great recognition in our developments and product enhancements.”

All products in the Komfi Unity range have recently achieved Crib 5 (Ignition Source 5) accreditation, making them suitable for the contract market. Following rigorous testing, these models have passed UK Fire Regulations 1988 and are now categorised as being Crib 5 Medium Hazard in line with BS7177.

“The Komfi range is ideal for the rental market, student accommodation, hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday parks and boarding schools,” Richard said, adding: “Our luxury Sonlevo brand is also available from GNG. Complete with unique TrueGel grid system technology, the range gives maximum support while minimising pressure and regulating temperature.

“Offering correct posture support and ultimate comfort, our entire Sonlevo range is recommended to its members by the Football Medicine and Performance Association as these mattresses help achieve the best sleep and, consequently, the best performance.”

GNG also represents Nectar Sleep. With a focus on comfort, combined with a 365-night trial and lifetime warranty, Nectar Sleep mattresses are designed to meet the demands of modern living. Richard said: “Our in-house team here at GNG are constantly looking for ways of improving our products while retaining great price points for our customers across all of our ranges, from the popular vacuum-packed Komfi models to our premium Sonlevo brand.

“We offer stock discounts and quick lead times, and do everything we can to support retailers and enable them to offer their customers an affordable, quality product which is more important than ever in the current challenging economy.”

With purpose-built 40,000sq ft manufacturing facilities in West Yorkshire, GNG is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of rolled mattresses in the UK and has been accredited as a carbon neutral company. To find out more about the Komfi and KomfiMed ranges, along with Sonlevo and Nectar Sleep, contact GNG for more information.

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