Furniture searches in February lower; HSL bucks the trend

UK searches of furniture during February were subdued although searches within bedroom furniture, flooring, outdoor furniture and sofas delivered some peak moments. HSL was one notable search uptick, likely driven by its TV appearance on the BBC’s Inside the Factory.  

According to Google search data analysed by Big Furniture Group, one day during February 2024 saw ‘furniture’ searches record an index score of 90 or more, while a score over 80 came in at just two days. The highest searched date was 18 February with a full score 100.

Google index’s its search data to 100. This means where 100 is the maximum search interest for the term selected, it is the highest value and indicates a high internet search.

The results saw related searches of ‘mobility furniture’ a popular search, up 400%, while more specific retailer terms included ‘HSL Furniture’, up 160%, ‘IKEA Garden Furniture’, up 120%, and ‘Welcome Furniture’, up 90%. The term ‘garden furniture’ saw searches rise 80%, while other retailer searches included Oak Furniture Superstore, Habitat, Swoon, The Range and Hartman. Furthermore, ‘CT Furniture Blyth’ registered an increase in searches by 250%, while the term ‘cushion’ rose 40%.

Other search terms Big Furniture Group reviewed included mattresses, bedroom furniture, dining furniture, living room furniture, sofas, carpets and flooring.


Mattress searches recorded four peak dates with an index score value of 90 or more. The highest searched date was 18 February with a full score of 100. Related brand searches saw Hypnos, Emma, Dreams, Casper, Dormeo, Wayfair, OTTY, John Lewis and Dunelm all perform strongly.

The term ‘best mattress company’ saw searches rise 90%, while ‘mattress removal & disposal’ searches increased 50% and ‘adjustable bed’ rose 200%. Furthermore, the term ‘horse hair mattress’ delivered a high volume of searches, with ‘caravan mattress’ searches up 110%. ‘Best budget mattress’ searches rose 70%, while ‘folding bed with mattress’ searches rose 50%.

Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture searches recorded seven days of peak activity with an index value over 90. The highest searched dates were 4 February and 25 February with a full score of 100. Popular brand searches included Starplan, Wren, Wayfair, John Lewis and Dunelm. The terms ‘Sleigh bed’, ‘Wren bedroom furniture’ and ‘furniture storage’ delivered high searches, while ‘girls bedroom furniture’ searches rose 60% and ‘French bedroom furniture’ increased 50%.

Dining furniture

Dining furniture searches recorded four days of peak activity with an index value over 90. The most searched day was the 25 February, which scored a full 100. Popular brand searches included Daals, Barker and Stonehouse, Next, My Furniture, Habitat and The Range. The term ‘dining room set’ was the highest searched, while ‘garden dining furniture’ rose 80% in searches, alongside ‘oval dining table’ and ‘marble dining table’ searches, both up 50%.

Living room furniture

Living room furniture saw two peak days during the month. The most searched day was 24 February that scored the full 100 score. Popular brand related searches included Wayfair, Next, Dunelm and B&M. The terms ‘wall unit’, ‘orange’ and ‘metal’ all performed strongly, while ‘chest of drawers’ searches were up 130%, ‘living room table’ rose 110%, ‘coffee table’ rose 80% and ‘floor lamp’ increased 60%.


Sofa searches saw four peak dates, with the highest score of 100 recorded on 4 February. Popular related searches included ‘Chaise lounge’, up 80%, ‘outdoor sofa’, up 190%, ‘backless sofa’, up 350%, ‘electric sofa bed’, up 100%, and ‘outdoor corner sofa’, up 50%. As for brands, HSL searches rocketed by over 1,000%, Sofa Club searches rose 550%, while the term ‘Emma sofa bed’ increased 110%. ‘Snug’ rose 60% and ‘Swyft’ was up 50%. Other notable brand searches included Daals, Swoon, Parker Knoll, Sofas by Saxon, Dreams, Next, Habitat, Arlo & Jacob, Sofa Workshop and Alstons.

Flooring & Carpets

Flooring searches saw 20 days scoring over 90, with the highest dates being 11, 20 and 24 February, scoring the full 100. Carpet searches saw five days scoring over 90, with the highest date on 4 February, scoring the full 100. Popular brand searches included UK Flooring Direct, B&Q, Forbo, Franks the Flooring Store, Kardean, Invictus, Amtico, Axminster Carpets and Cormar Carpets. Popular search terms included ‘real wood flooring’, ‘vinyl sheet flooring’, ‘luxury flooring and furnishings’ and ‘gym flooring’.

How can these stats help?

This data from Google indicates popular searches from multiple categories. Knowing what consumers are searching online can play an advantage into future promotions and general search behaviour. 

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