Furniture retailer suspends orders due to recent challenges

Furniture retailer Oak Furniture House has confirmed the temporary suspension of orders due to recent “challenges and issues”.

The business, which also trades under brands Fusion Furniture and Garden Furniture House, issued an open letter to customers explaining the reasons behind its decision to suspend orders at this time.

It read: “We are very sorry to write to let you know of a difficult but necessary decision. Due to our recent challenges and issues, we have made the tough call to suspend order acceptance for the foreseeable future temporarily.

“We understand this decision may cause inconvenience, so we are very sorry. We know you rely on us, and since 2008, we have served over 100,000 happy customers; we are genuinely sorry for any disruption this may cause.

“Over the past eight weeks, we have encountered various challenges and issues. We know these issues have fallen short of the high standards we set for ourselves and the expectations you deserve. Taking a Step Back to Move Forward:

“This suspension of orders allows us to:

“- Focus on resolving outstanding issues: Our top priority is addressing existing orders and resolving all concerns promptly and effectively. We are working diligently to process refunds and provide clear communication.

“- Invest in better customer service: We are committed to strengthening our customer communication and support channels to ensure you receive timely and responsive assistance.”

The company is also sending information to customers on a refund process, while ending with a “thank you”.

“Finally, we want to express our deepest gratitude to our incredible team. They have demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment to serving you through these challenging times. Their hard work and resilience inspire us to move forward with renewed focus and determination.

“We understand this is a significant disruption, and we are genuinely sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. We value your trust and loyalty and are committed to regaining your confidence.

“We are working tirelessly to overcome these challenges and emerge more muscular, with a renewed commitment to delivering the exceptional service you deserve.

“We will keep you informed throughout this process and look forward to welcoming you back soon.”

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