Furniture retailer launches new advertising campaign

Furniture and homewares retailer Dunelm has announced the launch of its cross-channel Autumn advertising campaign.

The campaign focuses on Wits’ End, a seemingly British cul-de-sac, but one where things aren’t quite working as they should be and where all seems rather upside down.

However, against this unusual backdrop, the campaign sees stories from families who have found choices to help their homes feel like a haven from the unsettling times outside.

Chris Roughton, Head of Creative Content at Dunelm, said: “Helping our customers put their own affordable and stylish stamp on their home is at the heart of Dun Your Way.

“Through this campaign we want to help customers feel that regardless of what challenges life may throw, we believe there’s still many little ways to really make your home a haven. A huge thank you to all of our colleagues who have been involved in making this campaign happen!”

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