Furniture firm secures investment to boost future growth

Loughborough-based furniture fit-out business Fieldhouse Furniture is looking to accelerate its growth ahead of its 25th anniversary, after securing a £250,000 loan from Lloyds Bank.

Fieldhouse Furniture is a female-founded family business which specialises in bespoke large scale interior design projects for high-end student accommodation, homes, boutique hotels and workplaces in the UK and EU.

The £250,000 invoice finance facility will enable Fieldhouse Furniture to access funds earlier, allowing the business to procure materials further in advance, focus on diversification into high-end student accommodation and invest in talent acquisition and development to drive growth.

Next year marks 25 years since Fieldhouse Furniture was established, having grown from a small curtain maker to a £5m turnover business, employing more than 115 staff across its international operation. The firm works with well-known developers such as Watkin Jones and Gilltown to deliver the design, supply, manufacturing and fit for projects in the UK, as well as Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Elizabeth Wild, founder and managing director of Fieldhouse Furniture, said: “The funding from Lloyds Bank will allow us to protect the business against the challenges that the construction industry is currently facing while continuing to drive growth.

“A key area of focus where many businesses are struggling at the moment is talent acquisition. As a family firm, it’s essential that we’re recruiting special people who are going to be a good fit, as well as ensuring that our talent strategy gives back to the local community. This funding will help us to invest in our workforce and secure the business’ future.

“Across almost 25 years of running my business, and throughout my entire life, I’ve never banked with anyone other than Lloyds Bank. As a single parent of four children, I have lent on the team heavily for support, and they have been by my side every step of the way, offering advice and guidance to fit whatever I needed at each stage of the business’ growth. They have been invaluable and I look forward to continuing our relationship as we move towards the firm’s next 25 years.”

Gemma Heath, associate director, specialist client solutions at Lloyds Bank, said: “Fieldhouse Furniture is a hugely ambitious local business which has demonstrated resilience and the ability to prosper in the face of market headwinds. I’m excited to see what they’ll achieve with the funding.”

Mel Howard, relationship manager, SME banking at Lloyds Bank, said: “Over the last 25 years, Fieldhouse Furniture has crafted an excellent reputation among customers who trust that they will always deliver quality work on budget and on time. We’re proud to support a well-respected firm with such strong values.”

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