Furniture and carpet manufacturers’ sales rise during 2021

The total value of the manufacture of furniture in the UK during 2021 reached almost £8bn, the highest figure recorded in over a decade.

According to new data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the manufacture of furniture in the UK valued £7.8bn, up 21.8% from £6.4bn in 2020, and also growing 6.8% from £7.3bn in 2019.

Compared to 2010, the value rose 39.2% from £5.6bn.

Taking a closer look within the furniture division, the manufacture of office and shop furniture valued just over £1bn, up 3.9% from £962m in 2020, while kitchen furniture valued £2.1bn, up 10.5% from £1.9bn.

As for the manufacture of mattresses, this valued £854m, up 16.9% from £730m as a whole. Mattresses made of cellular rubber valued £20.7m, up 16.2% from £17.8m, while mattresses made of cellular plastics valued £26.4m, up 36% from £19.4m. Mattresses made with spring interiors valued £526.9m, up 18.8% from £443.3m, while mattress supports – including frames, bases and divans, valued £209.3m, up 17.9% from £177.5m.

In the category of other furniture manufacture, this valued a total of £3.7bn for 2021, up 37% from £2.7bn in 2020. Within this segment, upholstered seats with metal frames valued £154.8m, up 64.1% from £94.3m, while upholstered seats with wooden frames also saw growth, up 37.1% from £717.4m to £984.1m.

The manufacture of sofa beds valued £6.5m, up 10.1% from £5.9m, while wooden bedroom furniture valued £659.4m, up 21.8% from £541.3m. Finally, wooden furniture for the dining and living room valued £195.4m, up 110% from £93m.

The manufacture of carpets and rugs over the same period valued a total of £725.7m, up 23.8% from £587.6m, with tufted carpets representing the bulk of this division, valuing £645m, which grew 28.1% from £503.4m in 2020.

Overall, the total value of UK manufacturers’ product sales was £400.8bn in 2021, an increase of £34.5bn, or 9%, from £366.4bn in 2020, but this remains lower than the 2019 total of £402.2bn.

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