Flooring retailer grows sales towards £5m

Carpets and flooring retailer Flooring Hut has reported “remarkable” financial results for the 12 months ending 31st May 2024.

Despite the challenging macroeconomic climate and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, the company has achieved over 30% year-on-year turnover growth, with sales rising from £3.63m to £4.72m.

The company’s total assets surged to £422.57k, marking a significant increase from the prior year, while cash reserves rose by over 295% to £222.26k.

These figures underscore Flooring Hut strong financial footing and resilience in a volatile economic environment.

Look ahead, the company said: “Flooring Hut Ltd remains committed to delivering high-quality flooring solutions while navigating the economic challenges ahead. By maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction and strategic fiscal management, the company is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory.”

Founded in 2015, Flooring Hut Ltd operates primarily in the niche market of flooring solutions, offering a diverse range of products including carpets, LVT flooring, roll vinyl, laminate, and wood flooring. The company’s product portfolio caters to both residential and commercial clients, emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction.

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