Flooring group publishes latest eco report

Global flooring manufacturer Mohawk has published its 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, Connections That Create Value, which details the company’s progress toward its sustainability goals.

“Sustainability is a key component of our business strategy and a core value for the thousands of women and men who make, sell and deliver our products,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Lorberbaum. “Within Mohawk, sustainability is not a stand-alone department or separate function – it is integrated into all we do. Our philosophy is simple: doing what is good is also good for our business.”

Mohawk’s 2022 report marks the 14th consecutive year that the company has publicly presented its activities and objectives related to sustainability. Earlier this year, Mohawk promoted Malisa Maynard to serve as the Company’s new chief sustainability officer. Maynard executes the enterprise’s ESG strategies and collaborates with teams across the business to identify opportunities for improvements and test new ideas.

“Mohawk’s annual ESG report outlines actions we are taking to improve our business and enhance how we impact the planet, our communities and the people with whom we share them,” said Maynard. “As we continue our focus on a sustainable future through product innovation, carbon reduction and water restoration, we have already significantly exceeded our 2025 goals in three important environmental categories: Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions intensity, waste-to-landfill intensity and water withdrawal intensity. We are energized by this progress, and we will continue to raise the bar on our performance.”

Mohawk’s 2022 ESG report includes many accomplishments, including the following highlights:

Lowering greenhouse gas emissions: In 2022, Mohawk exceeded its Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions intensity goal, with a reduction of 35.3% from its 2010 baseline. Mohawk was recognized by USA Today as the only flooring company among America’s Climate Leaders in 2023.

Increasing transparency: In its new ESG Report, Mohawk reports Scope 3 emissions for the first time.

Investing in green energy: During 2022, the Company brought online two additional wind turbines in Belgium and installed more than 3,800 rooftop solar panels at five facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Advancing product circularity: In 2022, Mohawk recovered 40 million pounds of end-of-life product to repurpose in addition to incorporating recycled content into thousands of products. More than 60% of Mohawk’s total manufacturing waste was recovered, recycled or reused in 2022.

Improving water restoration: Mohawk’s global water withdrawal intensity has improved 47% from its 2010 baseline, reflecting millions of gallons of wastewater reused in manufacturing processes. Across 11 North American ceramic tile manufacturing plants, 84% of process wastewater is recovered.

Partnering with employees to improve safety: In 2022, Mohawk’s facilities in Australia and Italy attained ISO 45001 certification, the global benchmark in workplace health and safety.

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